Monday, August 13, 2012

Jack's 1st Birthday Party

Since it's now mid-August, I thought it would be a good time to blog about Jack's first birthday party... you know, the one from MAY! To say that we've really enjoyed our summer would be putting it lightly, and to mention that I put my blog on the back burner would be redundant- but I'm back. At least for now. And before I lose focus or run off on another adventure, this birthday party must hit the press.

Jack turned 1, I dreaded it, like I do every milestone my kids hit because I just want to freeze them in time and slow this whole process down. Unfortunately, he went on ahead and did it despite my protests, but at least we got a good party out of it! We had Jack's birthday at a wonderful park just up the road from our house. We rented the pavilion and turned the kids loose on the playgrounds, and it was great. The only downside was the Georgia May 2012 looked more like past Augusts and it was a scorcher. BUT we did have shade under the pavilion and we all lived to tell about it, so that was great.

I can't even find the words to describe how blessed we are in the friends department-- and almost everyone was able to make it to Jack's shindig. There were kiddies everywhere and it was baby city... talk about causing some baby fever for me, sheesh! Jack's party was a frog theme, mostly because he became "Jumpin Jack" in his bouncy jumperoo during the months leading up to his first birthday, so naturally the led me right to the frog theme. It was really fun to plan!

We served BBQ from Bubba-q-- a family favorite because that's what you should eat at the end of May. And of course sweet tea and lemonade because that's what you should drink at the end of May :)

We had a special frog craft... look at these Dads, up for Dad of the year!

We of course served frog cupcakes because what would a frog party be without frog cupcakes? I found these on Pinterest and then my mom and I put them together. They were super cute but the heat got to them before the day was over! Poor froggies needed a pond to soak in or something.

These were our thank you cookies, made special by our very best Annie! My  mom is the best sugar cookie maker, so I just had her put them on sticks and then I tied a thank you tag around them and made them into a flower arrangement. And they were yummy!

Here is the birthday boy in action-- he was a trooper despite the heat and the naps that he missed... I think he was born to party!

And look at these cuties... seriously, they are real! God just made them this precious from the get-go. The only way this picture could be better is if we had a couple more :)

And by the end of the party, this is what Jack was up to....

Hey, it's rough to be the center of attention! But meanwhile, Max made sure there were no chocolate leftovers....

Happy Birthday to my little man! You will always be my baby, though! Thank you everyone for celebrating with us- from near and far! Our boy is great, that is for sure.

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