Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indy Trip

Back in June- yep June- Chad headed on a week long mission trip with some students from our church. My mom and I decided that this would be a great time to wrangle the boys and take a trip up to Indiana to visit my grandparents and brothers and even give my mom a chance to check on their house that is still for sell their.

It was a really fun trip, because although Chad was gone, I had my mom's help and instead of feeling like a single parent, it was actually like we were playing man on man, with two moms and two boys. It was great. It kinda made me wondering why God didn't intend families to include two mothers because that would just be awesome, but I digress.....

On our trip, we had a basic agenda- meaning we knew where we were staying and for how many days, but otherwise, it was go with the flow. We could drive as quick or as slow as needed, the boys could nap when tired, we could go as we pleased, and it was just plain fun and almost relaxing... if traveling with a 2 year old and a 1 year old can be relaxing.

We started north and stopped 2 hours up the road at the Chattanooga children's museum-- we have a pass to the Atlanta Children's Museum which means you get into reciprocal museums for free and Chattnooga fit that bill. It was a great stop and stretch and play point. We stayed through lunch.

Once we got to Indy, we went to the dairy farm with my grandparents-- I love this dairy-- I wish I would've had more time to sit and watch everything like the birthing process and such, but the bus ride and the cows and the ice cream was a huge hit with Max and I learned a lot more, even though I had already been through before.

We also got to spend a lot of time with my brother, Uncle Sam, including a trip to his house and some game time at Chuck E. Cheese. Sam loves my boys, and really enjoys Max's age right now, and he just kisses and hugs on them and spoils them rotten. It's pretty cute!

We also got to see my cousin and her kids who are really close in age to my kids, and enjoyed a nice morning out on my grandparents property. And we wore them out!!

Now that my parents have moved back south, my trips up north have become less, naturally, so anytime we do make it up there, we just have to soak in all our people as fast and as much as possible!

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