Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beach Trip #1

Towards the end of July, I got a text from Jill on Saturday wondering if we wanted to go to the beach with them on Monday... as in 2 days from then. Of course my answer was a resounding "yes"!! But Chad said something about "business, breadwinner, mortgage, yadda yadda" and said he had to wrap things up at Lonestar Painting Inc, so we waited until Wednesday to head down. As soon as we were all 5 in the car, with the nose pointed due South, I was happy.

It was a really fun extra long weekend because the Spivas have boys like us, our boys play so well with Hudson, and we enjoy hanging out with Jonathan and Jill so much! We like to vacation the same way-- beach time, good food, and make sure the boys get the rest they need-- even if that's in a stroller, in the car, or in their beds by 7pm!

We did have a some rain-- so of course Jill and I got our toes done (y'all it costs $40 for a pedicure at the beach... we about died! In our parts, they're $20, tops!) We also lived it up at the beach club-- they brought you food and drinks, had cabanas and towels and umbrellas and an awesome pool for entertaining the boys.

All the boys turned into prunes and slept well and the babies really couldn't have been better if we paid them... except for their 5am wake up calls... losing that hour, plus the pack n' play in the closet sleeping arrangement was brutal... for the parents!

It was a great trip and we're so grateful for the getaway with friends :)

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