Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

This year for the 4th of July, we had a rather low key, family fun day with some great friends. We started off the morning with a McD’s breakfast of course… mainly because it was en route to our next destination, but Max is always game for pancakes and Chad loves a McDonald’s breakfast every now and then, so I bit the bullet and took one for the team. We got our breakfast to go and then headed just down our street to the downtown Woodstock parade the goes down main street.

There were lots of floats, and we had a great spot in the shade, and we were able to pull right up, park, get our spot, watch the whole parade, and then pull away in a matter of minutes. The longest part of the process was buckling both kids in, I kid you not! I was originally bummed not to be able to find a Peachtree Road Race number, but this ended up being way fun with about 1/10000 of the hassle.

The boys loved the parade and al the goodies, candy, waters, beads, and popscicles that were passed out. Max was ready to go back the next day and Jack sat still for the majority of it- which is a feat in itself and only had to get out and move about for the last few minutes.

Next, we headed home, got everyone into their swimming gear, packed up tons of food and half of our house, and headed over to the Krazberger’s house—this is Jill’s parents house. It has a great pool, beautiful outdoor space, lots of grass for cornhole and other fun games and PLENTY of rooms for all the kiddies to take their naps :)

We enjoyed the pool for a bit and snacked, then put all the kids down at the same time-- the joys of a house full of bedrooms! The it was adult time at the pool- and how lovely it was to float around and bask in the sun without having to watch any little people or take head counts every 5 seconds. 

There were 7/12ths of the Porton Posse there which always lends itself to good food-- we did the "cook out" right with Jonathan at the grill and everyone else in charge of all the sides and yumminess. We also celebrated Jill's birthday (actually on the 4th) and Ruth's birthday (on the 6th) with a delicious ice cream cake I found on Pinterest. Gosh, I sure do love Pinterest when it comes to friendly gatherings, food, decor, and recipes. What a gem! And who can argue with a fun holiday and celebrating the birth of wonderful, amazing friends?

I really love the 4th, love the weather, love our fun friends and my precious boys, time with my husband during a "work day", and I'm really thankful to the Kraxberger's for opening their home to us. We had a very happy 4th!

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