Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer 2012, in a nutshell

So I've managed to "catch up" as much as I'm going to catch up and in order to let bygone by bygones, I've decided to just summarize everything else in one long photoblog post... get ready!

Jack started eating his bed... and dirt... I guess I'm not feeding him enough :)

Max got his first bee sting- major bummer. (Although Max did handle it better than his mother...)

We had 7 trees removed in our front yard- it was a jungle for days before the tree guys got it all cleaned up!

One night I went to bed and got all snuggled in and put my arm under my pillow like I like to do... and then I found this:

It's the first time I've found a toy in my  bed, but I couldn't help but think that this was just the first of many "boy things"to invade my bed... at least it was an inanimate object (this time)!

Max became tricky

Jack learned to drive

As well as do this

And this

And this

But the boy can't manage to walk.... hmmmmm :)

We discovered this new fun aquatic center in Cumming

We found out Wendy from PP was expecting a baby... and a girl at that! Yay!

Max began climbing into Jack's crib, after dumping some toys in there... but neither of them can get out without help... works well for mom!

This happened after getting muddy outside... isn't this the cutest? I'd take a brood of 5 boys... actually I'd take these 5 boys if the Spivas would let me steal theirs :)

We celebrated Krispy Kreme's birthday with the Prusa ladies

As well as Cow Appreciation Day... isn't this the best looking herd you've ever seen? Moo!

Jack is into everything... even when I think he's strapped into his seat and couldn't possibly get into anything!

This includes finding tampons and using them as chew toys, wrapper and all! (This will be great for his wedding slide show some day!) (But let's be honest, by the time I allow him to get married- 2050- they probably won't be doing wedding slide shows anymore.)

Max had his first Pina Colada and Jack had his first popsicle-- they were hits all around!

And then Gabe finished off the summer by starting 4th grade. Seriously... where did the summer go?

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