Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chad's Actual Birthday

I mentioned in my last post, that we just celebrated Chad's 25 birthday and that we did it with gusto. (Yes, this year Chad turned 25, although I think last year he turned 29..... not sure how the math all work on that, but when it's my turn to have messed up math, I want him to fully participate, so 25 it is babe!)

Anyway, we started of the day with breakfast, Chad's choice.....

Yep-- he chose the Waffle House. Now bear in mind that he does go there with Gabe every Wednesday morning, but for some reason, that's what he needed for his birthday too. Max was right there with him on that!

Chad didn't work on his actual birthday (although he did on his surprise party, go figure!) and slipped off to play golf with his buddy. They had a great time and then he got home just in time for a quick shower, a change of clothes, and a night on the town... his birthday gift from me and the boys were tickets to the Braves game-- our first of the season, after missing all the games last year because I was really pregnant/had a new tiny baby the whole time.

We left Jack with Anna until Uncle Eli could come to take him home for bed, and we took Max with us-- to say that Max was stoked is putting it lightly. The child, our sports wiz, sat mesmerized the ENTIRE game. We did go run the bases at the top of the stadium during the 5th inning, otherwise, he sat on Chad's lap, with his glove on the entire night. And since then he has pitched, worn his baseball hat, asked me to pitch it to him so he could hit, every SINGLE day, at least 38475 times a day. He's now baseball 50% of the time and golf 50% of the time. And I must say, he's equally amazing at both, considering his two year old age-- it's the hand-eye coordination-- straight from the Lord, I tell you!

Anyway, it was a super fun night-- we stayed for every single pitch of the game, we sat really close to the field, someone in front of us caught a foul ball and gave it to Max, and we ate lots of (terrible) ballpark food. Now the Braves did indeed lose to one of the worst teams in the league, but hey, it was the memories we were making!

And it dawned on me on our way home, as our tot sat in his carseat and I looked over at my hubs driving a minivan on his birthday-- times of changed, folks-- birthdays aren't what they used to be BUT let me tell you, they are better now than ever!

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