Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jack's Birthday Day

 So way back in May, on Jack's actual birthday, we had a day of fun that must be chronicled... ok, it actually started out not so fun, but we pressed on towards the goal, and eventually fun was had, I'll start at the beginning.

We began his birthday with a trip to the doctor for his first year appointment, in his birthday outfit from my Mamaw, of course. I was already sentimental and sappy, and so dumb mom over here should've know WAY better than to schedule such appointments because those appointments equal shots :( BUT I messed up, and I paid for it. First of all, Jack got some shots and pricks that he hadn't gotten before and it seriously broke his heart and Max stood their screaming too because that darn doc had hurt his brother, and so I was trying to dress and console my two sad boys, while packing up, and carrying them both out to our car. I was sweating, like majorly, and like I said, my heart was already on edge, so it was all I could do to keep it together. I got everyone buckled in and climbed in, cranking the AC when Max announced he had to go potty. CUSS!

So I got everyone back out, we traipsed back into the doctor's office, I got Max on the potty, while balancing Jack on my legs to save him from bathroom germs, got everyone buttoned back up, and finally back to the car. The only thing keeping me going at this point was the donuts on the horizon. As per my tradition, I am going to take my boys for donuts on their birthday until I die. (Boys, I WILL show up at your dorm room, just be ready.) Which means we were headed to donuts after the doctor-- and not just any donuts but Sublime Donuts, aka the BEST in Atlanta... maybe the Southeast... maybe ever. And so we drive all the way into the city, only to pull in and be the only car....because they are closed on Mondays and Jack's birthday was a Monday. So at 10 in the morning, I'm already at strike 3 for the day-- it's not looking good. I drove around for another 40 minutes, all within a 3 mile radius where 3 different Dunkin Donuts were situated and get this, there weren't parking near any of them.

So we had to abandon the plan. No donuts for Jack's birthday. That was equal to like 827 strikes. So we called my mom, Jack's Annie, who was scheduled to meet us at the children's museum for some birthday fun, and she brought rations for us all-- yogurt, fruit, and such. As soon as we entered the museum, we found a little snack room and all scarfed down food-- because it was practically lunch time and I had been starving my children.

Luckily, the day turned around from there. First of all, the museum was a hit and my Mom bought us a family year pass- yay. And this pass gets you into all sorts of museum around the country, including a children's museum in San Antonio (where Chad's parents are!). Anna and her girls met us there too-- it was fun for all four kids and it will be a good destination for many rainy/ too hot/ all other days ahead! From there, we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch-- yummy hamburgers and shakes and then headed back to Annie's for naps.

BUT Jack doesn't like to nap in a bed at Annie, so my mom obliged (not just because it was his birthday... she always does!) and rocked him to sleep! When everyone was ready for dinner, we had Jack's cake-- chocolate panCAKES that is! Both boys loved it, and it was an easy dinner for me... because I didn't fix it :) My Dad was out of town and Chad was working late, so really, it suited everyone. After dinner, we left Max at Annie's for the  night and headed him to meet up with Daddy-- he needed us to bring him some clothes for a basketball game he had, and although the game started at 9:45, I decided to take Jack and go with him to the game... Jack feel asleep in my arms and I just couldn't help but look at his precious face, while soaking in every moment-- I think Jack was giving me that priceless moment to thank me for a year well done.

It was a fantastic first year for my baby Jack and I wish I could do it all over again-- what a baby-- what a blessing!

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