Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Oatmeal Bust

I'm kind of annoyed with the "breakfast options" offered at the grocery store-- I want something quick, as we usually are shuffling out the door and trying to get to the gym by 8:20 most mornings- but I also want something healthy.

I don't want cereal packed with sugar-- I don't want processed sausage wrapped by a fake pancake on stick-- I don't want anything else with fake chemicals and such, for that matter. And even the majority of the yogurts either taste sour or are jam packed with sugar-- either real or fake. So I decided that it was time to resort to oatmeal-- it was a staple when Max was younger, but I hadn't tried it with Jack yet, mostly because of time. But hey, we can get up and ready 10 minutes earlier so that we have time for oatmeal-- it's worth it for our first meal of the day.

I fixed a bowl for Max, threw in some raisins, some nuts, and a few drops of honey and he ate it up. And I did the same. And then came Jack's bowl.  This is what we started with:

And here is where we ended:

Do you notice a difference? No? Me either. He HATED the texture-- I gave him a spoonful and he sent it right back out. I tried round two, thinking it was just a reaction to a new phone-- nope. That one back out two. So I started feeding him oat by oat. But to no avail. He would have NONE of it and eventually ended up so frustrated by this new food choice that he cried and fussed until I put him back to bed.

We won't be trying that again!

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