Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Arrival of Jack's First Birthday Gift

We are just days out from Jack's first birthday and I'm already a sentimental and emotional sap. I'm not really ready to talk about all that yet, BUT he did receive his first (as in respect to time, not age, although it is also his 1st birthday, too) birthday gift.

Last Monday, Chad's mom sent me an email asking for birthday ideas-- we went back and forth a couple times that afternoon and then she placed her order. When I got home from youth group on Wednesday night, the gift was already on our porch. Isn't that crazy? Seriously, 48 hours later, we had it??? How often does that happen??

Anyway, it has been rainy here like crazy all of a sudden-- even though summer hit GA in February, it's all of a sudden spring now that it's May-- go figure! But since the weather hasn't been cooperating with the outdoor use of the new present, the boys have been playing with "it" all the time INDOORS, ha!

Yep, Chad's parent's got Jack a water table-- how fun is that? And since the boys loved it inside, withOUT the key component, I was really excited to take it outdoors and finally by yesterday afternoon, the great outdoors was calling.

It started off like this...

Which naturally led to this....

And this:

(Yep, that is the dog's bowl!)

Then it led to this...

Which of course called for this:

Happy Birthday to Jack! What a great gift :)

(And while I am grateful for this gift, as well as the gift and cards from my grandparents (Jack's great-grandparents) that we've already received, I'm going to need the rest of you all to hold off for a bit-- I'm not emotionally stable enough for Jack to receive anymore gifts for his first birthday-- I'm not ready for his first year to be over yet, whhhaaaaaaaaaaaa. Now excuse me, while I go wipe my tears.....

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