Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break 2012

You don't realize what a funny thing spring break is until you grow up-- unless you're in school, have kids in school, or you're a teacher, spring break tends to look just like any other week! And if you're one of the lucky few that do head off on a trip of some sort, a girlfriend said it well "vacation= cleaning up after the same people, just with a different view". HAHAHAAA!!!

Well this is especially true if you're a stay at home mom of small ones-- it's exactly the same, except the Kid's Club at the gym is more full, you can't go to any of your hot spots likes the zoo, park, or indoor play ground for fear of losing your small people amongst the throngs of big kids, and yet everyone still wakes up at 7am and wants breakfast. I'm NOT complaining, but for me and other stay at home moms, spring break is more about the spring and less about the break.

(Side note: my friend Lisa sent this my direction last week, I read every word and just nodded-- how monotonous-- yet how lovely!

Anyway, on Tuesday afternoon, Gabe busted up in our spring break and added some spunk into the mix-- Max thinks Gabe hung the moon, so they were both thick as thieves the past couple days.  We didn't do anything too wild and crazy, but we have fun nonetheless and of course I captured a few of my favorite cuties in some kodak moments:

We took Eli to breakfast on Wednesday to celebrate his birthday. (Gabe was sitting beside me and we took our picture together, but I'm too vain to post it-- I looked like I had been run over about 24 times!)

Then we left baby Jack with Anna for naps and picked up Lizzy for some playtime at our favorite CatchAir. I had to stay right with the younger two the WHOLE time, but everyone had fun, sweated a lot, and then took good naps!  Gabe was great with Max and Lizzy the whole time too-- I'm serious when I say he's such a good big brother, I bet I'll never meet a better one.

And then on Friday, we dyed Easter eggs. This is the first year we've done that with Max, and he loved it. And Gabe is quite the artist, so everything was a masterpiece for him- he was very slow to choose what colors went on which eggs, how to decorate, and then had to make sure each one dried just so! He is our creative one, for sure!

I also worked all week on switching rooms around, decorating, cleaning out and throwing out, while I shuffled the boys all around. We're close to the finish products... pictures soon!

All that fun took us right up to Easter!  We really enjoyed the gorgeous weather that God blessed us with- plenty of sun but not too hot. And we loved our extra time with Gabe.  Spring has sprung, or as Max says "Look Mom, there's a BIG white dogwood and a red bud!"

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