Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Boy Jack!

This month has been crazy up in these parts, thanks to our not-so-baby J! Apparently going from 10 months to 11 months, in his opinion, is quite a big deal, and he was really stepping it up. This time last month, I told you about a tooth that had split through, well now he has four teeth- the top two and the bottom two- sticking out enough that they show when he smiles :) And he has two more on the bottom that have split through. I need to point out that all this teething hasn't really changed his demeanor at all. Now you can't beat that with a stick!

I also mentioned last month that the child didn't really move....well that has changed too! A couple weeks ago he started dragging his little bottom across the ground, while in seated position, like a dog dragging it's booty on the ground. I kid you not. He also uses his arms to pick his body up (while in seated position) to pivot. Try it-- that's hard! Then about two weeks ago, we started hearing a lot of cackling when we'd put him to bed and we go to check on him to find him STANDING UP. That's right, the kiddo who can't crawl can pull up-- on his bed, the couch, a dresser, etc... He's also a pro at getting himself from any position to sitting up, which is what he prefers. He seriously flops around in his bed like a dying fish for a good 20-30 minutes before every sleep- sitting, laying, tummy, side, head first, feet first, flip, flop, twist, turn-- too funny to watch on the monitor. He can get anywhere with that method-- he'll use it while playing on the floor, too. WELL, this week, he started crawling. For food. If I put puffs on one side of the rug, he'll crawl like a pro to get there. And sometimes he army crawls, too. But the boy can get around. And he can do it quickly, oh no!

Jack will says "uh-oh" every time he drops something, which is like every 5 seconds because it's his favorite game. He likes to drop his paci behind his bed and then shout "uh-oh" until I come in, move his bed, retrieve it, and hand it back. This is just a riot. For him. He'll say what a cow says: "booooooo"-- or a ghost, whatevs. And as of right now, he loves throwing everything- balls, toys, blocks, from behind his head with his LEFT hand. He might be our little lefty. He might even be a pitcher! But for now, we're enjoying the idea of another little Bowman athlete. We're going to seriously enjoy a ballpark or two in the next decade!

He still loves to eat, although the added movement is thinning him out much to my dismay. We had a sick visit the other day and he still hasn't cross over to 22lbs so I think the chunk is slowly waning. But believe me when I say that there is still plenty to ogle-- especially the legs and cheeks. My boy is yummy! I still do baby food twice a day-- an orange and a green, but smaller amounts because he is eating a lot of finger food, including fruits and veggies and such. I also disobeyed all the rules (I so would NEVER have done that the first go round) and started giving Jack some whole milk this month!  He just won't take formula during the day- like at all- so he gets a big formula bottle in the morning and another at bed time, and then whole milk during the day. In a bottle, in a cup, it doesn't matter. But he still prefers if you will hold it for him although he's able and willing to hold it himself if you walk off and leave him. He is SO messy- almost as messy as Max-- seriously, it's not even right. Unless you ask my parents who say it's payback for all the clothes I ruined until I was 12 years old.

Max and Jack are getting even closer- they hug on each other and kiss on each other multiple times a day. And no one can make Jack laugh like Max can. It's adorable. But unfortunately, this past week, they started quibbling as well. Mostly over me. If I'm on the floor playing with one, the other needs me, and so they start pulling at each other. Jack also likes anything Max has, and Max likes to take anything Jack has... out of his hands. Then Jack cries like he was dropped and Max hides and I shake my head in dismay. Sometimes though, Jack is so excited hugging Max, that he pulls his hair- this really upsets Max. And if for any reason Jack gets hurt- bonks his head/ falls over/ gets bumped- then Max cries harder than Jack, seriously! My Dad started calling Max "Fred" and Jack "Buster"so those are the names Max uses for them all the time-- when we're riding in the car, Max will lean over and say "whatcha doin Buster?" and they'll both giggle like it was the funniest joke ever. I know we're at the beginning of lots of wrestling and injuries and brotherly disputes, but it's going to be so much fun having these two boys so close together!!

Gabe is still the on-call babysitter in these parts-- he doesn't feed or wipe or cloth or diaper, but he is quite the entertainer, the paci fetcher, and can get a giggle anytime. He'll also carry Jack, help he change positions and protect him from Max and his golf clubs. And since Jack faces backwards in the car, and Gabe sits in the back row, they keep their eyes on each other everywhere we go. And anytime Gabe talks about Jack to anyone who isn't us, he calls him "my baby brother" instead of his name. That melts me every time! Jack is so very loved by both of his big brothers.

Jack's sleeping is great-- a 12 hour stretch at night and two naps-- he's happy as a lark most of the time, but does prefer me or someone he loves in eye sight at all times. Leaving this child alone is reason for meltdown. He's also into things-- like reaches and grabs and pour and tips-- food, drinks, toys, pony tails-- you name it, and he wants to mess it up. This boy is seriously fun and has quite the personality-- like I said before, he's going to be our crazy child for sure-- he has no fear and he's already working on being a little fire cracker. I'm working out and running a lot so I can keep up with him-- he's going to be running FROM me in just a couple months-- that I'm sure of!

Jack- you get better and better all the time and you started out awesome!  We love you like crazy, we're so grateful for you and we're proud of you. Your smile and laughter brings joy to everyone in our family, we just can't help but smiling and laughing too. Your hugs and kisses are by far the best part of you-- you are my little love bug and I am 100% ok with that being the case for life. Your Daddy and I have been praying for you to call upon the Lord's name and be saved-- we can't wait to see that happen. You are the BIGGEST blessing baby Jack- we love you love you love you!

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