Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Celebration

I just love Easter- I love the colors and the clothes and the candy- but more than anything I just love the joy of celebrating the resurrection of Christ. It never gets old. This year was really great for me, I think because I talked about it with Max SO many times- it just seemed to get my heart ready- and as soon as I walked in the doors of our church on Sunday, I had sweet tears in the corner of my eyes.

We talked about it a lot with Max and as of his 3rd Easter, he was able to say that we celebrated Easter because "Jesus loves me so much he died on the cross for me." I really really tried to get him to remember the "and rose from the dead part!" but he didn't ever get that. And then we relentlessly talked about Sunday being a "Thank You Jesus" party-- and that we put on our best clothes to praise God for making a way for us to be with him forever in heaven. Max totally got that part and would ask every time we talked about it if he could go to heaven now. I love that my baby is excited about heaven, but it still made my heart catch because I am so not ready for him to go there. All my little selfish ways never cease to amaze me-- reminding me again and again just how much I need a Savior.

Church was just a sweet sweet reminder of the best Message ever, our pastor was great, the room was exploding with people, and I was there with all my favorite men.

Then after church, we headed over to the Spiva's for Easter (DELICIOUS!)brunch and our egg hunt. We never have mentioned anything about a bunny in regards to Easter, and as far as the candy and the eggs, well that is just something totally separate and fun, not having anything to do with Jesus. We actually never even talked about any of it- so Max was just happy to have candy handed to him and he was precious at the egg hunt. At this age, every egg he found was great, and it was oh so fun. He carried his big basket, full of eggs, as long as he could, and finally had to hand it over to me because it got heavy. But that didn't stop him! And once it was over, he went right back to playing golf, and didn't even ask for candy. I seriously do not know what has gotten into him!  But don't worry, Chad and Gabe made up for that and basically had all of Gabe's eggs cleaned out before we got back home!

Max, Jack, and Gabe Bowman
Gabe holding Grant Spiva and Hudson on he left

We concluded the day by watching the Masters on tv-- and Georgia Bulldawg Bubba Watson had a killer win!  It was awesome, and Max really loved it because I call him my bubba-- so he was saying, two bubba's and we both play golf, then he would tell me that I love both Bubba's :) Max also determined that when he's bigger like Gabe, he will play golf on tv. He then asked if Chad and I would come watch him. Um, twist my arm little boy. And I just hope that Max gives God credit of this life and gives Him glory for his successes, like Bubba did- even if it's in something totally different than golf.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter-- Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from dead!

(Easter outfits were picked out by my mom-- Annie LOVES Easter and she loves dressing these boys-- weren't they just so cute???)

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