Monday, April 23, 2012

Max and some antics

Our little Max is quite a mess these days-- well he's always been a mess when it comes to food and such, but I mean his personality. He's all over the place, too smart for his own good, has a great brain and great ideas and doesn't miss a thing!

The other days, as I was walking around to his side of the car he said "Yook Mom, yook at my trick!" And this is what I see...

Today, I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher while Jack was in the living room playing and Max was fluttering back and forth between us. Jack started fussing, and since he's new to the whole crawling thing and hasn't quite grasped that he can actually crawl off the rug, I started calling him: "Come here Jack, come see me!" So Max runs into the kitchen with me and says "Come here Jack, come see us!" Max thinks he's a little adult :) (And no Mom, you can't comment about how he gets this from me or how I sat at the "adult" table since I was three.)

The other day, I got Max a Mickey phone from the Disney store-- he's still obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and really he learns so much from it, that one or two episodes a day has actually proven to be good for him. Anyway, back to the phone-- y'all, it's like he's a teenager. He's always saying "where my phone, Mom" or before we head somewhere "but I need my phone." He keeps it in his pocket and then says "I'm getting a call" and pulls it out to talk to Annie, Mickey, Daddy, Pop, Eli, and Grandma. I even had to tell him that phones were not allowed in his bed and that he had to keep it downstairs when it was time for night night. Seriously? He's two!

Speaking of that- he rode up beside me on his bike, stuck his hand out and told me he needed some money. Where did he even get that? We don't talk about money with Max or even put him in the possession of any money. Now I know I'm not ready for that stage!

Now back to Mickey for a minute-- I need to give that show proper credit for teaching Max ALL the shapes. The kid is a wiz at his shapes and colors and has even masters a shapes app on my phone. The other morning he called me into his room to see the pentagon that he made out of his train. Yep- he said that word. Actually he called it a hexagon first, paused to count the sides, then corrected himself. He's two.

While we drive, I use that time to quiz Max and talk about different things. I love that I have his attention, and he really is the most talkative little thing when he with me or his Daddy, so why not use that time for good? Well anyway, I've been quizzing him about our family-- like who is Daddy's mommy? And who is my Daddy? We've gotten pretty extended-- into spouses, and how me and my brothers share the same parents, etc... Anyway, today he starts quizzing ME! Ha :) He starts with "Who is your Daddy?" And I mess up on purpose so he can correct me. Then who is my mommy and who is Eli's mommy. Then he says "Who is my biggest biggest best boy?

This stumped me because I was totally not sure where he was going-- I point out that he's my big boy from time to time and I always call him my "best best best best best Bubba!" so I was thinking that maybe he was referring to himself but I told him I didn't know. He shouts, "GABE! I yove him."

Last night, I was eating my dinner on the couch and looked around for my water. I said out loud to Chad that I was just sure I had carried into the living room with me but couldn't find it. Max disappeared and then came right back carrying my water. He took initiative and brought it to me after hearing me talk about it. This really just melted my heart more than I can find the words to explain-- what an awesome character trait to have-- initiative. I hope that's something he has for life! My oh my, how the Lord could use that!

Max also has reached the age where helping with Jack is big fun for him- he'll get stuff for him or run to him if he fusses. Yesterday, while Chad and I worked in the yard, he pulled him in the wagon. What are big brothers for if not for wagon rides?

Thankfully, Max loves donuts like his mother. It's ingrained in him. And thankfully Ray opened a new donut shop about a mile from our house- I'm talking hot of the press bakery donuts that are usually still warm if you go before 10am. Well we hit up that place a lot when it first opened and then I went on my sugar free kick which includes denying my household of most sugars as well. I took a brief sugar free break for Easter and somehow Max clued into that. Not that I've ever explained the donuts have sugar or anything, but he must've noticed that I loosened the reigns on healthy foods and veggies because he woke up 4 days out of 7 last week "needing" donuts. (Gabe used to "need" Huddle House, btw-- one of my favorite Gabe-isms!) Anyway, Max convinced me 3 out of those 4 days- and he can easily put down 3 donuts for breakfast-- and these aren't the small Krispy Kreme donuts-- these donuts are big! (I only let him have 3 once, and the other 2 days I cut him off at 2. Also, after a lot of reading and research I am back on the sugar free kick-- but I'll share all that in another day or so.)

And lastly, we've been working with Max a lot on words or things we don't say, even if others do. We talk a lot about using kind words and words that show a pure heart and we talk about using our words to honor and respect God. Anyway, he's been picking up A LOT of stuff recently-- including "darn it" and "dang it" and "oh my gosh". He even retorts with "fine" in a really sassy way from time to time too. We know exactly who each phrase came from BUT none of them are our children, so it's a battle we're fighting with him, just trying to instill the importance of a pure heart, because it's what the mouth speaks from, at an early age. (If you use these or allow your children to use them, we are NOT judging, we just aren't cool with it for our own kids.) Anyway, yesterday, TWICE, I dropped things and mumbled "darn it" under my breath. And both times Max and his little dog ears says "what did you say?" Sometimes Max just asks me that, being nosy, or for clarification, so the first time, I almost said it AGAIN but caught it right before it slipped out. He wasn't needing clarification-- my boy was calling me out! Let me just tell you that raising kids is so good for my heart, my mouth, my habits, and my humility.

Now let's all just give a little "Awwwwwwwww!" Isn't this boy just precious? I'm one blessed mama, that's for darn sure!

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