Monday, April 2, 2012

Mother of the Year

So I recently decided that I probably have a thyroid problem- which seems to be pretty "normal" after having children and it accounts for weight gain. Namely because, a couple months ago, I really buckled down at the gym- started going at least 5 times a week, burning at least 500 calories a day but usually more in the 700 range. I started watching what I ate, cutting down on my quantity of food a lot. Pre-baby, I was super active and super in shape- mostly just as a way of life, not really any major discipline or anything. And well, since growing people in my womb, things haven't been the same. In more ways than one. I had the double wave going on-- you know the arm flab that waves too, when you wave your hand. And the pooch, well, I'm surprised people didn't asked me when I was due. Not to mention that my chicken legs that were skinny thanks to my genes and my Nana, we just sausage-y instead.

So insert gym/ food/ lifestyle change, and bam. All better. NOT! So naturally, I decided I had the aforementioned thyroid problem. But before making a doctor's appointment, I decided to give it one last go-- I cut out sugar for 30 days- I'm talking all sugar- like didn't eat bread, etc... not just sweets. I had protein shakes, lots of raw veggies, and meat. Small amounts of cheese, lots of tuna and humus on red peppers, lots of cucumbers and fruit- but not after 3pm, because even though it's natural sugar, it's not good in the evening when you're close to laying still for many hours. I committed to 30 days. It was hard, I was grumpy, but I just had to make sure it was truly a thyroid problem before I began messing with hormones and such.

Well the weight fell off. Literally. All the muscle that I had been building since November popped through, and I'm only 8 lbs away from my goal weight, but I'm only going to lose about 4 more and save those last 4 as cushion until I'm done having babies because I heard from many people that the yo-yo was bad for your skin. So it turns out that I had an eating problem, not a thyroid problem. What a HUGE disappointment. My body had changed, my metabolism had changed, and now, in my almost 30 year old state, I just can't eat like I used to-- you know, a vat of cheese dip and ritas with Ruth on a weekly basis. Bummer.

Well so this was a light bulb to me- if sugar (eliminating it) changed my body so quickly then what exactly does it do to my kids? Now you know I'm a whole foods baby food kind of gal- I make my own, buy organic, stock my fridge and my pantry with the good stuff, but I'm not a grinch, so of course we eat m&m's ice cream, milkshakes, donuts (hello, it's genetic), marshmallows, among other yummy treats. Luckily we haven't done the juice thing yet, but Gabe is obsessed with coke, and Max is obsessed with candy. And I haven't really thought much about it, because certainly the other stuff in our fridge balanced out. BUT this was the same theory I was using with weight loss-- I worked out so I could eat--- NOT! So my heart has been hardened, (somewhat! They are kids!) to sugar too. I've eliminated the stops for treats, cut out all cokes when we're at restaurants (when never have them in our fridge) and even didn't replenish the M&Ms jar when it ran out. The kiddos have handled it well, and even Max's bowel movements seem better- TMI, I know.

But it was easy with Jack-- he wasn't eating sugar because my kids don't until their first birthday....or so I thought! About a week ago, after my BSF bible study, I went to pick up Jack from his class and he was covered in black stuff. Naturally, I was perplexed because I had handed them my baby and his paci saying that he needed nothing, and would be fine until I came to get him. I asked what was all over him (and the woman holding him!) and she said, without even blinking: "Chocolate cookies." Ohhh there was fire in my eyes immediately. I don't give Jack stuff that size or that texture yet, there are so many ingredients in cookies that I've never tested on him for allergies, I was really allergic to chocolate as a kid NOT TO MENTION that I feed Jack whole foods, no sugar, freshly made baby food from my own loving hands. Luckily, the Holy Spirit lives in me and I escaped his room without saying anything too detrimental-- but not before noticing that they had given him a 6 ounce bottle of water. Babies don't drink much water and for some reason, he didn't want his lunchtime bottle....hmmm.......

Anyway, so I called Chad and told him this and even he knew that wasn't good. Or so I thought.Yesterday, when we were at IKEA, we stopped at their cafe for an after-shopping treat, which included large ice cream cones for Chad and Max and I looked over to see Chad putting it in Jack's mouth. I gave him the eye and he replied "He likes it!" Really? I'm shocked!

So apparently, this morning I decided to get on the bandwagon-- I gave my 10 month old bits of donut for breakfast. That's right folks, sugary dough, fried up, and dipped in sugar. And this is shocking, I know, but he liked it! So despite the knowledge in my head, despite my new disdain for sugar, I willingly handed it to my baby, with the "if you can't beat it, join it" motto. So I'd like to go ahead and nominate myself for mother-of-the-year, folks-- please cast your ballots, and vote for me!


  1. no judging over here, we had donuts this morning. okay and yesterday morning too. My mom brought over a box this weekend so its totally her fault.... and i guess ours for eating them all within 48 hrs!

  2. bahaha! i lost that battle too- a long time ago friend! it's about time someone else took that sugar crown off my head and became sugar queen/ mom of the year! :) Glad to share the title with such an excellent mom as you! :) It was starting to feel lonely at the top! j/k. You're a great mom! And I'm impressed with your discipline! Need to get in the gym myself. Ughh!