Monday, May 16, 2011

What Are The Chances-- Prayers Please!!

Back in January, Fabienne (who I know a teeny bit from college, but mostly because of her now friendship with Anna) and I threw a baby sprinkle for Anna.  As you know, Anna was pregnant with Baby Evie and she already had/has Elizabeth Grace, who is now 2.  Well the hostesses of the shower (me and Fabienne) we both also pregnant at the shower, with our second, as well.  Both boys-- following our other little boys.  So we were all pregnant and growing the same thing we had already grown.

Welp, in February, Evie came into the world a bit early... at 31 weeks.  It was a little adventure for us all but GOD was so huge and so awesome, He just took care of it all, and whipped it into a lovely God-story that we'll all be telling for years to come.

Then in April, Fabienne's water broke while she was 26 weeks- yes, you read that correctly... 26 weeks.  She has been in a bed at the hospital ever since, hoping to keep baby Heath in until 34 weeks-ish.  Fabienne is a stay at home mom who takes her job VERY seriously, so this has not been fun for her-- she has been wanting to be home with Clarke (2 yrs old) while continuing to grow a healthy baby Heath... which really isn't a super lofty goal- just a normal flow of events.

Shortly after Fabienne was admitted to the hospital, my "signs of early labor" happened as well, and my activity was limited, although bed rest, hospitals, tests, etc.... were NOT implemented.  By this point, Anna, who has lived through it all, with a been there, done that outlook on the whole NICU experience was fit to be tied.  Let's just keep these babies inside, where they're supposed to be, for 40 weeks, enough already!  Naturally, Anna cooked us dinner and began lecturing me about staying on the couch and making sure Chad helps.

Well, things got a little scary last night- Fabienne began having contractions and had to have an emergency c-section in the wee hours of the morning.  This is not the news anyone was hoping for, BUT once again, God is so all over this.  He sent Fabienne's mom to her house for the week, and had Fabienne's husband get back from a trip, just in time for all of this-- the mom (grandma) got to be with Clarke and David, the husband, was able to be with Fabienne, without any arranging or panicking.  AND although tiny (3 lbs) baby Heath is doing well with no out of the ordinary cause for concerns, beyond that of a baby who was born at 29 weeks.  He even scored an 8/9 on the Apgar test.  CRAZY.

So once again your prayers are needed-- for all of them!  For Heath's health and for him to stay infection-free, and for his little body to keep growing stronger and stronger.  Pray for Fabienne, as she recovers as well, and then for them as a family, as they walk out this time in their lives, full of unknowns.

While talking to Robert (Anna's husband) to find out about these details, it became obvious once again, just how IN CONTROL that God is-- something that I take for granted most of the time.  But let's be honest, He is SO on top of this situation.  I want that to rule my heart-- He, the CREATOR and HEALER and SUSTAINER of the world, has got ALL of this under control.  I can't even begin to understand the peace that we can all find, if we rest there.

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