Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ohhh... My Max is 21 months old!

My little boy is growing up- it's pretty obvious.  And I think everyone around me is accepting of this-- except for me.  He's 21 months old today-- that's big-- that's a short step from 2, and an even shorter step from when he becomes a big brother next month.  Oh my heart.  Words and sentencing and analysis of his surroundings fly out of his mouth like it's second nature-- like he's been talking for years.  He is very expressive-- so much so, that we've begun beating "No thank you" and "Yes sir/ma'am" into him, because "No no uh huh!" and "No no Mommy" and "Uh huh" were just too much to bear.  If he was a girl, I'd call it sass, but since he's not, I'll call it "Noblitt".

[caption id="attachment_1581" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Max giving "the look"!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1587" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Early Morning Soccer!"][/caption]

He's very independent most of the time- wanting to play his own way and do his own thing- although he loves my company, anytime he has it, and he loves playmates-- his favorites are his Dad, his brother, my Dad, and my brother.  But they just need to be ready to play what he is playing- golf or baseball, 24/7. He prefers to be outside- and is ready to head that direction by 7:30am- but if he's inside, he's good as long as basketball or soccer is involved... aren't those things you play inside, too? When it's just me and him at home, he has to go through the list-- "Where's Gabe?" (school)  "Where's Daddy?" (working)  "Where's Eli?" (He went bye- bye) "Where's Pop?" (at Pop's house).... and then a few hours later, we do it all again.  His memory is unbelievable-- he remembers stuff from days ago, he remembers people and names from weeks and months ago- and unfortunately, he hasn't quite grasped the "soon" "later" "tomorrow" as in yes, but not right now.  Ah!  Hopefully that is next on his list of things to learn!

[caption id="attachment_1583" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="His favorite golf club!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1586" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption=""I jumpin!""][/caption]

Recently Max has also become more clingy- wants to be right next me, like cheek on cheek, and when we're sitting on the couch, he prefers to have his arm draped across my belly.  I think he knows something is coming-- there is new stuff around our house, and we're moving furniture to fit bassinets and swings, etc... I'm waddling... Chad is fussing over me doing too much... instead of being on the go, we're staying home-- he knows!  I can't turn down the extra loving and cuddles- actually I'm soaking it up and can't think of much better- but with this comes bad attitudes towards others like his Dad or our sitters when they arrive.  I want to find the balance here- making sure disrespect isn't tolerated, but of course letting him know how very loved he is-- I guess the balancing act begins now!

[caption id="attachment_1585" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Max's favorite pass time: Jumping on the Bed!"][/caption]

We've also entered into the realm of obedience.  If you were a fly on our wall, you'd hear me tell Max to obey or ask him if he is obeying at least 10 times a day.  You'd also witness a couple daily spanking surrounding this issue as well.  Even though I warn him that a spanking is come, his face is filled with such shock that I actually followed through but we're already seeing a difference in his obedience.  The phrase "Max you need to obey or you're going to get spanked" goes a long way.  He's begun jumping to action immediately this week! (Thank goodness because this child makes me a softy and I HATE spanking him!)

[caption id="attachment_1582" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Brothers enjoy shakes and cheese fries"][/caption]

His stats are basically the same-- at this point, he's still in his 18 month pj's because I plan to buy the next size for warmer weather but our nights are still cool, but all his other clothes are 24 months- and he can even swing a 2T t-shirt.  We moved up a sock size, yahoo, and he's still right at 27 lbs, leaving him in size 4 diapers for a while longer.  This weekend, we're trying the big boy bed for 3 nights- committed to fighting it as need be- but if it doesn't seem to take after those 3 nights, then back to the crib and we'll try again in a couple months.  We don't need him in his big boy bed for a while, we just don't want him to associate losing his bed with that new little baby that's about to rock Max's world in more ways than one!

[caption id="attachment_1584" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Too soon?"][/caption]

Max, my dear, you make my world a better place.  I love how you think and how you play, I love your fingers and your toes, and even your little runny nose!  Your big boy hair cut, round cheeks, and big blue eyes melt me every time.  There is just no way I can get enough of you.  One of your newest phrases is "Mommy hold you" and you come to me with your arms open wide- whether I'm sitting or standing or sleeping or working or cleaning, it's music to my ears.  Yes son, I will hold you- I'll always hold you!  Thank you for challenging me to be a better Mommy and to be more like Jesus- it's hard work, but the fruit is so sweet.  I really hope that the Fruit of the Spirit will reside in you one day too-- it's really amazing what Jesus does to His children, from the inside out.  It's truly beautiful.  Thanks for being my boy-- 21 months is awesome- can't wait for more!  I love you, Max!

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