Monday, May 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update

(*** I wrote this on Friday but didn't post it because I wanted Chad to take a picture of me at 35 weeks for this post-- HILARIOUS considering we delivered Jack the next day (Saturday).... details coming in next post!)

First of all, I'm over 35 weeks pregnant, which means I have less than 5 weeks til we see Jack's face.  This is good and bad-- good because I'm so excited that when I just read an article about what to pack, it made me teary because I canNOT wait-- but bad because I'm really pregnant and the-not-so-fun parts are coming on with a vengeance.  I waddle now, all the time.  I walked down the hallway at work yesterday, when no one was around and tried really really hard not to waddle and I couldn't do it :(  I also need a crane to help me roll over a night- and since I don't have one, I get sharp pains on my sides because my belly is so heavy.  The potty breaks are increasing- and every time I get up Chad grunts because I'm inconveniencing him.  (Considering the fact that I'm the one hauling this load around, I do NOT feel bad, but I do notice.)

I had my doctors appointment this week, and although the contractions are still around, pretty much non-stop, everything looked great and Jack was great and they're not worried at all.  If we make it to 37 weeks, then all should be great with him, but I'm still hoping for the full 40 and they said that that is NOT a lofty goal, as long as I continue to take it easy.  They also had me make my remaining weekly appointments- like until I'm due, and I only have 4-- FOUR!  Oh me oh my! And remember how they told me to drink more water and eat more protein?  Well for all your other people growing humans, let me tell you that I decided to drink only water- no juice, coke, tea, coffee-- anything besides water and it changed my life. If I partake of anything else, even just a small sip or two, I get heartburn- like tear me up, keep me awake all night heartburn-- even if I drink it first thing in the morning.  But if I just drink water (while eating whatever I want- spicy, red, acidy) then I get NO heartburn.  This news is about to put Tums out of business. Also, a cheese stick or a protein bar, anytime I'm feeling "funny" or pukey, snaps me back to A-ok in like 5 minutes. Seriously.  I don't know what it took me 1 and 4/5 pregnancies to figure this out, but this is pure gold, I tell ya!

Now let's talk about timing-- and let's make sure we point out that I'm a CONTROL FREAK and completely aware that I have no control over this at all!  But I really want Jack to stay in until his due date-- this is sick, I know, because last time, I was begging my first born to spring out weeks in advance, but let me explain:

1) Jack is due on my friend Danielle's birthday, and she is just wonderful, so I want them to share a birthday

2) Our Coco (Courtney), Max's sitter from the beginning, is getting hitched to the wonderful Miles on June 18th and I really really want to be at that wedding

3) My boss has a book coming out in October and things are nutty, the good kind, but busy, around the office- and the other girl working with me on this is on maternity leave herself-- so we need about 2 weeks together before I leave myself and she's not coming back until June 9th.

4) Chad is so crazy busy at work for the next few weeks that he might forget to come to the hospital or at the very least, be on his blue tooth ear phone majig through the birth!

So unless I crossover to miserable pregnant, I will not  be riding over any large bumps, jumping on any trampolines, taking any long walks, or eating anything that might encourage this child to arrive early... we're going for right on time :)
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Size of baby: Jack is 18 inches long, and weighs about 5 and 1/4 lbs-- about the weight of a honeydew.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have no idea- a lot.  But I don't even know where I started, because I had abandoned the scale as my Max weight wasn't leaving as I had planned.  But let's just say my belly had really popped out since my 28 week picture...

Maternity Clothes: They are all tight- will I make it til the end?

Gender: It's a BOY! Jack Henry Bowman

Movement: Jack is a crazy man- always kicking and jabbing and dragging his limbs around- he loves putting them in my ribs- joy :) But he sleeps when I sleep so I'm great with this.

Sleep: As long as I drink water I'm pretty good, I wake up to potty twice a night and to roll which takes a lot- but the getting to sleep, staying asleep, etc, is good

What I miss: Max was more mushy in my belly, so although large and in charge, I was able to move- but Jack is rock hard- so I can't bend at all or breathe when I grab something lower than my knees and I can't even see my leg- the other day there was a bump I could feel and I had to ask Chad was it was because I can't contort myself in anyway that would allow me to see it.

Cravings: Not sure-- I get hungry but nothing ever sounds good-- although red meat is working for me.Symptoms: achy hips, potty breaks, TIRED, otherwise, pretty good.Best Moment this week: A good report at the doctorA now, without further ado on the longest blog post ever-- the 35 week picture:

(The picture never got taken :( oh well!)

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