Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stroke of Genius!

Sometimes it just hits.  And you wonder where such a great idea came from.  You walk a little lighter, feel like giving yourself a pat or 7 on the back, and you call someone to brag.  This happened to me recently, and it was pure genius!  I've recently turned the corner, pregnancy-wise, and not just because of "cutting my activity" but mostly because of growing a human being.  I'll expand more on this when I'm humble enough to post a picture, but let's just say, I'm almost "over it".  I'm tired and achy and ready to hold baby Jack.

So I was driving home from work the other day, exhausted and almost dreading my afternoon with my little people.  What was I going to do with them?  How could I keep them busy without using the tv? And how do I make sure it requires very little of me?  Then STRIKE--- a pool!  Like the kind from Target for your backyard.  Max LOVES taking baths and Gabe LOVES playing in the water with him-- the soak their bathroom each night.... so this would be a huge bath, and they could splash as much as they want, and I could sit.  GENIUS!

Well, it worked!  And it was adorable!  And I got to sit in a chair with my computer in my lap, working, and watching, and laughing :)  They played and splashed until I made them come in-- and as soon as we were dried off, they were already talking about playing in the pool again.  GENIUS!

I provided the pitchers, cups, toys, balls, bowls, and sunscreen- they provided their own fun and entertainment.  And by the time we went inside, my feet hurt less, my attitude was 100 times better, and I was confident that these two were the cutest things around :)

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