Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This weekend, we were riding around town and I looked back at Max and noticed that his car seat is for up to 22 lbs.  When we got this seat, 22 lbs was A LOT, because I was aiming for an 8 pounder (or less!) for my own comfort's sake.  After a LONG, rigorous birthing process, that was the first thing that went right-- he came into our lives weighing 7 lb 4 oz.  Perfection.

2 weeks ago, at his post- ear infection check, Max weighed over 20 pounds.  So imagine my panic when I realized that his seat was quickly approaching it's weight limit.  Yikes.  I'm a worrier and I'm extremely forward thinking, so this, in my mind, was a major problem.  For instance, for every pack of diapers I have in Max's current size, I have just as many in the next size- and have throughout his entire life- just in case.  If we're running down the road for 20 minutes, I pack some food and 2 diapers, just in case.  And I always have a passy and a back-up passy in my stash, regardless of where we are. And really, that's just a minute glimpse of the nutty things I do for "just in case".  So I was shocked that this moment crept up on me.

I decided that today was the day to remedy that.  I got a list of the top 10 safest convertible car seats.  Then I researched target, babies r us, and with free shipping to find the best deal-- especially because we need 2 seats since Max rides with me and Chad regularly and the "big boy" seats are not transferrable from car to car without a lot of effort.  So many things to consider.  Sheesh.

Once I made my decision and added it to my list of things to do today, my throat got really tight.  Then my eyes started to water. Certainly I wasn't about to cry over a car seat upgrade, right? I looked around the room to see if maybe there was a draft or some wind coming from somewhere that could be to blame for this absurd physical reaction.  But no such luck.  I managed to get it together, but barely.

I wish the story ended there.

Here is Max making the purchase:

And then we got home and I was determined to get it strapped in the car and ready for our next car usage.  Once I finished, I was so proud of myself that I plopped Max in the new seat, got him all buckled up and took this picture:

Then I started boo-hooing.  Not just a little.  Like a lot.  Causing a big huge scene for any of my neighbors that were out and about.  And in the midst of this emotional break down, I had no shame.  Can you fathom the idea that my baby is about to be 9 months old and he has a car seat for TODDLERS.  That means I have almost had him in my arms for as long as it took me to grow him.  But didn't I just get him?  This is all happening way too quickly.  I just can NOT stand it.

This seems to be a theme for my blog.  I keep asking about a pause button, and wondering how I can freeze Max so that I can enjoy him exactly where he is right now.  But there are no answers.  My little person is growing up and there is not a darn thing I can do about it.  So now what?  All you seasoned moms, will I cry over every milestone or do I toughen up at some point?

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