Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going To Get My Hair Did!

I seriously love reading blogs- like lots of them, daily (or as daily as they post!). I'm not really sure why this is such a highlight in my life, but it is! Is it because I’m nosy? Maybe!  Is it because I love reading? Probably!  But mainly, it’s because I love “people watching” and reading blogs is cyber people watching from the comfort of my own computer! Baby bangs is the newest addition to my blog reader, and I love it because it not only is full of Godly goodness, but it based on the phenomena currently causing my permenate bed head!  It talks about the tiny baby hairs that are curling around my face, and making it look like I just woke up and never shower because the hairs are so tiny that they are plastered to my forehead.  But this blog explains it-- let me pass along this great knowledge:

While you're pregnant, you don't lose any hair.  Your body holds on to everything just in case-- including all the hairs that you used to lose daily.  Then, a couple months after baby is born, you lose hair like crazy- gobs and gobs of it- and then new, non-pregnant/ non-post-partum hair starts growing.  BUT it has to start from scratch, so you have these baby hairs all over you face.

So today, I'm going to get my skunk syndrome fixed. It's my roots.  It's unreal.  And I've got no excuse besides being "busy"-- but find me someone who isn't busy.  My cousin Lindsey, works at an Aveda salon in Dahlonegha called Lava Hair Studio, does my hair.  She is amazing and has fixed me right up every time I've needed it.  She is getting hitched in October to Joey- we love him too-- but I digress! Holy rabbit trail.

Back to my hair (problem).  I have Lindsey, and yet I still look ridiculous.  So like I was saying, I have NO excuse.  But today is my lucky day... after Gabe's soccer game, I'm going to see her, so I can finally feel somewhat "kept" again.  Sheesh!   AND it's wonderful, because despite all the hair dryers and chit chat, I get to sit and relax- I'm not even allowed to get up.  It's like a mini 2-hour vacation.  Lovely.

And due to Lindsey's awesomeness, I'm sure she'll be able to disguise my baby bangs too, since I have to wait it out while they do their thing.  But I shall NOT have striped bed head anymore after today, yay!

(Have you noticed all the "problems" these little bundles of joy cause?  That's why God makes them so cute and fills your heart with so much love that you just can't stand it- otherwise, if their eating and sleeping schedule didn't lead you to return them and get your money back, then all the things they do to your body, life, and home certainly would!)

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