Thursday, May 20, 2010

Impulse Buy

99.9% of the time, when I'm at a store, I make at least one impulse purchase.  It's usually very minor- in the form of some ice cream bars that we don't need or a bottle of wine to go with dinner.  Sometimes I get Max a shirt he doesn't need, or a teething ring- even though he has two already.  Gabe is really good at talking me into things we don't need, but he makes a good salesmen! My favorite impulse buys are when I find a really awesome organization tool that I just NEED and then I rush home so that I can begin using "it" to straighten up something right away.

My impulse buys rarely cost more than a couple dollars- so it's not anything major- but it's like I can't make it out of the store without one.  But today's cracked me up.  I was at Wal-mart- which is like 2 miles from my house.  And in the check out, I decided that I just HAD to have a pack of fruit mentos.  I rationalized it by telling myself that I only wanted the pink ones and that I'd save the orange and yellow ones for Gabe.  He'd love that.

But I ate them ALL on the way home.  Please note how far I said the store is from my house.  And I made no other stops on the way home.  The worst part is that I don't even like orange, and after this weekend and the parties and the eating, I was trying to avoid sugar.  Ha!

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