Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Really Just Happened

Tonight I was making baby food and Chad looked at me and said "Aw, my little Martha Stewart."  And I gave him a look. (THE look).

Chad:  "What? That was a compliment."
Me:  "The part where she was in jail for fraud or the part where she is kind of manly?"
Chad:  "Martha Stewart is HOT!"
Me: "Ok, do you even know who Martha Stewart is?"
Chad: "Yes, and back in the day, she was really hot."

At this point I roll my eyes. A lot.  And laugh at him. A lot.
So he goes to get on the computer. I thought the conversation was over.

So then he showed me this image:

And then he showed me this one:

And holy cow she really was hot.

My husband was right.  And yes Chad, I will say it one more time, because it happens so rarely:  I was wrong about Martha Stewart and you were right.

But this leaves me with one question:  How the heck did he know this?


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