Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Your Entertainment

After my last post, I thought it appropriate to explain my love for The Awful Waffle (Waffle House).  In May of 2005, I graduated from The University of Georgia, with 2 degrees in 3 years.  No, I’m not trying to impress you, its just part of the story.  Immediately after graduating, I went down to Clearwater Beach, FL with Campus Outreach and 50(ish) of my closest friends to live at the beach for the summer, and learn more about sharing The Gospel.  While I was there, I worked at The Waffle House.  True Story. 

I have MANY good stories about my 3 months there, but I’m not writing a novel (yet) so I’ll just give you a few.  I also have 3 key pieces of advice, post- employment that I’d like to share with anyone who EVER goes to Waffle House.

Story #1: The Application-
When I went to apply for the job, I had to fill out an application and there wasn’t enough room for my education.  So I filled out what I could and took it to the manager.  He looked at it, then looked at me, and said, “Did corporate send you to take my job?”  I told him no, I was there for the summer and just wanted to make some money while I was there, and he said I could have a job if I didn’t tell anyone else about my education.  I agreed and never mentioned another word about it :)

Story #2: My Pearls-
UGA always has some “fashion trends” unlike the rest of the world.  I still love going to Athens on game day to see what’s “in” at the moment.  When I was in college, girls wore pearls ALL the time- even with t-shirt.  If you woke up late for class, you brushed your teeth, put on your pearls and went in your PJ’s.  I hadn’t dropped the pearl habit yet, so I wore pearls with my waitress uniform.   I can’t tell you how many problems those things caused for the customers.  They wanted to know where I was from, why I was working there, was I doing some sort of experiment, and one guy even sung me the Sesame Street song “One of these things are not like the others”.  And when I inquired about their scrutiny, everyone mentioned that Waffle House waitresses do NOT wear pearls.  HA!

Story #3: The Jukebox-
When you work at The Waffle House, extra entertainment is often necessary.  So the jukebox and I really bonded!  Some of my favorites were Kelly Clarkson, Tom Petty, and Eric Clapton.  You really can’t go wrong if you sing and dance, and I’m going to be honest, in not a hooker kind of way- the more you sing and dance, the bigger your tips are.  Somehow I managed to use the majority of my tips in the Jukebox.  The best part was dedicating songs to my co-workers and working their name into the lyrics.  Most of the time, they didn’t know the real lyrics, so they really thought the songs had their names.

Story #4: The Batter-
This really isn’t a story.  But it is still entertaining.  While working at the WaHo, I managed to gain 10+ pounds in 2 months because I ate multiple waffles AND spoonfuls of waffle batter everyday.  Not kidding.  I don’t eat pork, so Waffles were my only option- and they are just so darn tasty.  I was in my friend’s wedding at the end of that summer, and I needed multiple people to help stuff me into my bridesmaid dress. 

Story #5: The Gospel on a Napkin-
While working there, I got many great opportunities to share The Gospel.  It’s amazing how many opportunities you have when you work with people- especially when you’re looking for opportunities.  And my best tool for this, was a napkin :)  I’d write out verses and walk them through the Truth of God giving his son, Jesus, to us. It was so neat to see how God can use any situation to tell other about Him.

My advice:
1.   Do NOT tip in quarters.  Your meal may be cheap, so don’t go by the 18% rule.  Just give them a dollar or two.  You won’t miss it, and that job is seriously nasty and hard work, they’ve earned it, I promise!

2.   Instead, use your quarters in the Juke Box and play the song “Raisin Toast”.  You’ll be glad you did.

3    MOST IMPORTANT:  Do NOT drink out of any cup there- unless it is a to-go cup.  Order a coffee in a to-go cup, or an OJ in a to-go cup, etc…. This is a life or death matter, seriously.  They DO wash the dishes, and send them through a sterilizer, I myself have done this job (blah), but for some reason, there is ALWAYS junk left on the cups afterwards.  I can’t tell you how many times I got a coffee cup out of the dish washer, filled it was coffee, carried it to a customer, and had to wipe some lip stick off the top, as I sat it down, in one swift motion so they wouldn’t notice.  

Please notice Gabe's to-go cup!

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