Sunday, March 21, 2010

A weekend of firsts

It's Sunday night, and I'm just now sitting down on the couch for the first time all weekend.  It's been a whirlwind and I can NOT believe the work week starts again tomorrow- wow.  I need another weekend!

On Friday, Max had his first day EVER of being 7 months.  That's right- it was his 7 monthday.  And as always, I can't believe he's been around here for 7 months already.  It has flown by- I need a re-do so that I can appreciate it more and make it slow down.

Max Ryan Bowman, 7 months old

Gabe had a teacher work day on Friday, so me and him decided to take Max to Waffle House for the first time.  The day I went into labor, I insisted that we go to Waffle House, (I was sure it was going to give me baby birthing power.) but we haven't been back since.  So a 7 month day seemed like a good reason to go.  Max wasn't too impressed, although he was on his best behavior.  I think it's because there was absolutely nothing there he could eat, but he watched and wait like quite a gentleman.  But Gabe loves it, and I'm confident that Gabe and I, together, can teach Max to love the WaHo, too!

Then, on Friday night, the biggest first of all.  I left Max, OVERNIGHT for the first time EVER.  And Chad was with Max, without me, overnight, for the first time ever.  I left Friday night around 5:30pm for a writer's conference.  And I stayed until Saturday afternoon.  By the time I got home to my baby, it was 3:00pm.- that's right, not quite 24 hours, but it felt like FOREVER.

If I'm honest, I was kind of looking forward to it.  A whole evening to myself, and sleep session without once waking up and feeling an "instinct" to go check on the baby.  And the idea of waking up, by my own accord on Saturday morning, and not have to feed a baby was pretty appealing as well.  Not to mention that I love writing and I love writer's conferences, and I was excited about my newest assignment.  But then Friday afternoon rolled around and I started to get queasy.  All of a sudden, it didn't seem like such a great idea- what if something happened?  What if Max needed me?  Would he miss me?  But I did it, I left anyway, and I had a great time Friday night brainstorming for my upcoming writing assignment.  Chad had Max sound asleep before 7:30pm and sent me a picture as evidence, so I was able to relax.

Until....... it was my turn to go to bed.  I went to my room at the retreat, and low and behold, what did I see beside my bed?  A SCORPION.  I stepped on it, killed it, shook the ibie jeebies off, and went to brush my teeth.  And when I got there, 2 MORE scorpions- one in the bathtub and one beside the toilet, in the bathroom, attached to my room.  I killed them, scraped them all up in tissues and put them in the trash.  And went to bed.  But I couldn't sleep.  Something was crawling on me.  I heard something.  I felt something.  Was I feeling a sting?

Have no fear, I did survive, but it was touch and go there for a while.  And I can't say how much I actually slept.

And the least exciting first:  Today Max went ALL day, for the first time ever, withOUT a nap.  My child, who usually takes 3 naps a day took none today.  I do NOT suggest this.  There is a reason for this- and he's really not to blame- we taught at KCRG first service (The Children's Ministry at our church), we went to 2nd service, and then we had a meeting after church. You might have noticed that none of those things involved Max, per-say, but he loves his bed, and he's nosy (like his wonderful Mom) and will NOT sleep if there is something better going on.  So he skipped his first two naps, while we were at church.  When we got home, I fed him and put him in his crib, thinking he' be out like a light and that I could curl up with a book, but Max had other ideas.  He screamed, like SCREEEAAAAMMMMEEEDDDD, and when I went to get him, he talked me into to playing instead of napping.  And there went his 3rd nap.  He was fussy and whiney and crazy all evening.  But we did survive and I don't plan to see him for 12 hours.

And although Max was 7 months on Friday, he had his 6 month appointment (because we're spreading out his vaccines).  And his stats were quite surprising:
I thought my baby was chunky (like I ordered) but he was only in the 51st percentile in weight.
But he was in the 83rd percentile in height... because both of this parents are tall?!?!
And he is in the 87th percentile for his head, thanks to his Mom, and my Dad (his Pops)... poor baby.  The melon (head) doesn't fall far from the tree.  I laughed when the doctor told me this stat and he said, "The only downside to a big head is taking his sweatshirts off."  HA :)
He also had a vision test with sensors on his head and those beautiful baby blues checked out with flying colors. Then he got 2 shots- boo.

So after all these firsts, all I have to say about parenting is that it's entertaining and it's all happening too quick.  I don't really want to pause, but I definitely would like a "slow it down" button.  Anyone know where you can get those?

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