Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Shameless Plug

My child, who is the MOST adorable thing ever, just ask me, was recently photographed by Brandelyn Lee Photography, and he made the blog!  You've got to check him out: http://brandelynlee.com/theblog/

And in case you were wondering-- Brandy (the photographer) is AWESOME.  Like seriously.  She did our wedding pictures, which I still love with all my heart.  She did my maternity (fatso) pictures, and she also did our Christmas card pictures.  And she manages to make us look fabulous every time.  How she does it, I do not know, but I am eternally grateful!

So do you need some pictures, some help with decorating your walls, want to capture something really special, then call her.  Her is her website:  http://www.brandelynlee.com/

Have I mentioned that she's awesome?

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