Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Really Worked

Thursday I woke up with a long list of things to do- vacuuming, bathroom, deep clean my car and the car seats and make room for baby, along with a long walk with both boys in the double stroller. That's a lot for a pregnant woman whose feet have started to swell and whose attitude is really sour, but this list cannot be blamed on nesting... Because clearly I will still be pregnant in 2014... This list is merely called life.

Anyway, to start out the morning, me and Jack joined Chad and Max in the kitchen who had gotten a head start on breakfast. Recently, due to a sale at Publix, I have purchase Pop Tarts- the big box- twice. And needless to say it has been a hit. A big ole pile of sugar toasted up to perfection to start the day-- who wouldn't want it? So I threw several in the toaster and then kept my eye on them because Max likes his just barely warm, while Gabe likes his toasted through but no browning, and me and Jack, well we'll just eat them any ole way. I pulled Max's out and put them in front of him, then Gabe's, and went back for the one me and Jack would split... But to my surprise the inner brown sugar cinnamon gel had oozed out and it burned me BAD. It blistered the whole tip of my finger immediately and sent me rushing to the cold water tap. My eyes watered, I'm telling you, I haven't had this kind of pain in a while! And there went my day.

I spent the next hour and a half going through ice packs like it was my job. I always thought I didn't buy Poptarts because they're made of junk and bad stuff, but it turns out, they're a safety hazard. If I let my finger off the ice for 2 seconds, it burned and stung and burned some more until I re-touched the ice. It wasn't good.

All of a sudden I realized it was quiet and no one was climbing on me. I immediately sent Max on a Jack hunt and headed the opposite direction. In 2 seconds Max was back saying something about my bathroom, lotion, and a mess.

This is how I found Jack. It only takes a minute folks. And the picture doesn't do the situation justice.

So I tried to wipe him and started whimpering due to my serious injury. And I realized he needed a change of clothes and a diaper change and I just had no idea how that was going to happen. I was having a hard enough time figuring out how to take myself potty every 20 minutes, thank you pregnancy that will never end, that the last thing I could even think about doing was undressing and redressing the J... He's not know for his ability to hold still and I didn't think a conversation about my boo boo would help.

So I decided I was going to have to call Chad home. Seriously. It was that bad. My eyes had tears at this point and I was nauseous just from Jack bumping it as I tried to de-slime him. But then I remembered that at some point in the uncertain future, I will be having a new baby and did I really want to use my get out of jail free card for the ouchie on my pointer finger? So I did the next best thing- google. And there was a whole long list of terrible ideas- mixes of greek yogurt and eggs and butter and paste this and hold that, yadda yadda... Ummmm I'm burned people- I can't make a gourmet paste.

And then some person said something about clay. And the Lord spoke to me. Back in December, my mom and I had gone to the Bread Beckers Christmas cooking class and they gave us all sorts of samples, one of them being from Redmond. Chad tried the toothpaste and he couldn't get over the sediments scrubbing his teeth for weeks. But there was also the pamphlet and a little package to make a mason jar of their clay for bites and cuts and rashes and burns. I made it when I got it, because I didn't want to waste it and I put it in our medicine cabinet. And never thought about it again. Until this morning.

I ran and scooped out a glob and smothered my finger. I held it up and waited. For a couple minutes it still burned and I longed for my ice pack. I decided to give it 3 more minutes when all of a sudden the burn started to weaken... And then it weakened more. Before I knew it, I was up and vacuuming and cleaning my car and Jack even got changed and taken care of... I obviously kept it covered in the clay for about 90 minutes doing everything by holding my finger straight out, you know, like at a tea party, but totally not.

And by lunch time, I was a new woman. FROM CLAY?!?! Who even knew this was possible??? And now, this is all that's left of my life-threatening injury-- can you believe it?

So Redmond Clay- google it and get you some, I'm so serious!!

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