Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Funny Boys

Today, Jack was stepping on Pot Docks (polka dots) while singing his favorite song... PINGO was his name-o... I have to agree that PINGO is a much better name for the farmer's dog... Much better than BINGO :)

Overhead yesterday while I was cooking dinner...
(Max and Jack are in living room)

Max in his super sweet voice that he uses to talk to Jack (most of the time...)

Max: Jack, are you sad the Braves lost  yesterday?
Jack: No
Max: You're not sad they lost? (completely shocked but still in nice voice)
Jack: No
Max: You're not a fan (no more nice voice, just completely disgusted!)

Max has also picked up on some new baseball moves since the season started...
He now knows how to "punt" quite well... some of us might call it bunting...

He loved going to the opening game with Annie and Pop when the Braves beat the "Dillies"

And he has to wear his new baseball jersey 2-3 times a week... that may or may not reach down to his knees. The kicker is the Pop has a "jersey" just like it so he wants me to text Pop EVERY time he wears it... sometimes I just pretend that I send Pop that message, mainly because Max always makes faces like this and Pop has a job and spends his days as a mature part of society... getting Max's selfless daily might stifle that a bit!

Gabe: "For kids Kimbrel's age, I've finally figured out that to make them laugh, you have to really embarrass yourself." (Kimbrel is his sister who just turned 1)

Gabe is on a soccer team right now and Chad is his coach. Twice week they have practice and then games on Saturday. Well at the beginning of the season, Gabe needed all new gear because the child is turning into man-size right before our eyes. So then he handed down his old shin guards to Max as well as some old soccer shorts. They might fit Max in about 2 years... maybe... but don't tell Max. Because with those gifts from Gabe, his imagination went wild... all of a sudden he's on a team, he has practices all the time, his teammates call him, and he needs a water bottle regularly for half time. Naturally, we all go along with this. But today, Jack started walking away and I asked where he was going and he said "To my soccer practice." :) Love these boys and how they all like doing and being together!

Today, we were in the school room playing- I was folding laundry, my favorite pastime, and Jack and Grant (who plays with us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) were playing with play-doh. I hear Jack saying "Yucky Grant Grant, no-no." And I expect to look over and see Grant doing something he shouldn't... but no, Jack was showing Grant how to put play-doh in his mouth and while simultaneously explaining that it was a bad idea and that he shouldn't be doing it. This child totally gets the rules, but he thinks his ideas are way better and totally worth the consequences. 

Case in point: We say oh my goodness, we do NOT say oh my gosh. Like we don't even ever say the word so it's not discussed that we don't say it. (I don't need my head checked- I totally get that "gosh" isn't a bad word, but the farther I can keep them from the line of "Oh my God", the better!) Yet somehow, Jack knows about it and just when it comes to mind, he'll come near me and say "Oh my gosh!" I'll look at him and say "We don't say that." And he looks at me and smiles the sweetest smile and say "Oh my goodness." and turns and walks off... as if to say, my work here is complete. THIS child is so much like his Uncle Sam... way to ornery and cute for his own good!

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