Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

I've known about Easter and celebrated Easter and it's true meaning since I was born.  Literally. It's my mom's favorite holiday and it's always been a big to-do. I've known of Jesus' love- His sacrifice- and most importantly, that fact that He was victorious over the grave and I get to reap the benefits of that eternally. Really- I've known- I've believed it- I've gotten it, for YEARS. But that didn't stop this year from being different. And I don't think there is really any reason for the extra softness in my heart- God just had something extra for me this year.

It started on Tuesday while I was driving to my BSF bible study. I was thinking about Easter, singing a song about Jesus because Jack screams "JESSSUUUSSSS" as soon as we get in the car until I turn on a song, preferably sung by kids, with the word Jesus in it. And all of a sudden I was crying, like hard. I felt brokeness and I felt joy and boy did I feel peace. Wow- Easter was coming, Sunday was coming! It really didn't get better for the remainder of the week- every song or reminder of this Easter celebration worked on my heart- my eyes would fill with happy joyful hot stinging tears immediately. I couldn't wait for Sunday.

We got to do lots of fun things with our little boys- they are at such a fun age to enjoy it all-- they loved decorating eggs and there were no horror stories or permenant stains on anything to mare the experience. We were invited to a big Easter Egg Hunt with lots of prizes and goodies and they just loved it. And we even decorated a cute bunny cake for our family Easter celebration meal.

And then Sunday came.

Our pastor has been in the midst of a 3 week series as we walked through the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Easter and what it looks like in our present day stories. It's been amazing. And don't you worry, I stuffed my purse full of tissues and I didn't embarrass Chad that much :) It was a wonderful celebration of Easter and communion to remember His body that was broken and His blood that was shed. And when we got to the car, Chad asked a question that seemed to sum it all up-- "That makes  me think of what heaven will be like. Don't you wish we could live in that all week?" YES! I just hope that in all the hype, our boys never forget the Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is the greatest gift, ever, and that resurrection is what we base our lives on!

We enjoyed the day with good temperatures, some rain but some sun also, and a great meal fixed by my mom at my house where my husband did the dishes. Pop and Uncle Eli entertained the boys and hid Easter eggs and we all laid around for some catnaps too. Hoping for another similar Sunday next week...

Chris Tomlin - Crown Him (Majesty) [with Kari Jobe] [Official Lyric Video] from chris-tomlin on GodTube.

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