Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40!!!

Well, it happened folks.... my favorite person turned 40. Yep, yesterday was Chad's birthday and I was hoping to deliver him his 4th child on his 40th birthday- that'd be some gift- but the Lord didn't think that was part of the perfect plan, so alas, I am still pregnant.

Which makes me glad, that I actually thought about Chad's birthday a couple months ago and didn't count on the whole baby thing :) I made a plan back in February to make him a box of 40... I thought that make that number a little easier to swallow... so I started with the easy stuff:

- 40 packs of gum
- 40 blow pops
- $40 to Firehouse Subs (his favorite lunch place)
- $40 to Bass Pro (his favorite everything place)
- 40 things we love about him (a list compiled by me, Gabe, Max, and Jack)
- 40 hours of hobby time to be used in his 40th year

AND the thing that was my favorite part/ best idea:

- 40 cards from 40 important people in his life.

This took work. I wanted a list that included all the parts of his life-- his family and friends and church, people who looked up to him and people he looked up to, people that have influenced him spiritually and as a business owner, and people we just love to laugh with-- so I started with a list and began contacting people. Months ago. They probably thought I was crazy starting this far ahead, but we just didn't know when this baby would come ("never" wasn't on the radar at that point) and we were moving, and I knew that asking 40 people would take some nagging on my part... because well, most of them were males, and let's be honest, most males aren't known for buying cards and writing in them and putting a stamp on them and mailing them. I got my friend Anna involved and used her address- she'd send me updates on how many "birds" she was receiving and who they were from and then every couple weeks, I'd gently remind and prod.... and it worked!

It was really fun looking through all the cards and how different all his friendships are- some were really funny, some farted, some included a $1, some had a long note, while others has a short note- it was perfect! Hopefully Chad got a glimpse of just how great he is and how many people appreciate him.

But let's discuss the birthday as a whole... Chad woke up early for his annual Birthday round of golf. (This year, it included his Dad, who is in town to visit the new baby... you know, the one we thought was coming a few weeks ago.) And when he looked out the window, he was greeted by some fun things courtesy of the guys from youth group-- CRACK ME UP! They drew on his car, hung signs, put forks in the yard that said "40", and my favorite: left a pack of adult diapers where they all signed their name. They had asked in advance if this was ok, because they're just those kind of kids, and I gave them 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up! Max thought it was really funny too- especially the diapers. And then, get this-- they even volunteered to come by and help clean up? Of course I turned this down- Chad needed to bask in the glory of 40- but how great is that?

After golf, Chad did some estimates because he can't actually go a whole work day without working, and by the time he got home, he was greeted by an empty house. Because I ended up at the pediatrician with Jack, who decided to get a severe sinus infection and required antibiotics-- joy. But before long, the house was full and ready for his little birthday party...

- The birthday box
- Some golf clothes
- Balloons from Max and Jack, who insist that there are no such thing as birthdays without balloons
- Delicious cupcakes
- A Hawaiian shirt
- The diapers again because they just crack me up

We all had dinner with Chad's parents at Chili's and came back home for cupcakes. And by the end of the day, it became apparent that Gabe had gotten some sort of stomach bug... 2 out of 3 kids sickies for the celebration?!? The day wasn't nearly as special as Chad is, but again, hopefully he got just a glimpse of how much we love him!

Happy Birthday, my dear! Let's make sure you're still kicking for another 40.... without any need for the aforementioned diapers!

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