Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Jack is 2!

I cannot believe our wild man Jack turns 2 today... in some ways he's aged me a good 20 years... you know, diving off things, scaling walls, driving his little coupe over a cliff... but in other ways, he's showed me how important it is to just sit and soak life in, he's slowed me down-- he's shown me love and joy and laughter in ways I've never known before there was Jack. Anytime I survey his still chubby hands, his legs, the light in his eyes, and watch how his brain works, I find myself basking in the glory of God-- because man, was God on his A-game the day he made Jack!

Unfortunately, Jack has really figured out how to act two... crying and hollering to get his way, make his opinion VERY clear, fighting tooth and nail to get his way. The terrible two's. But he's also figured out how to talk so clearly, he knows his letters, his numbers, all his colors, and can sing a bushel of songs. He is constantly figuring things out and he's become really independent-- wanting to do it all by himself... "Jack do it, JACK DO IT!" He's full of energy and doesn't stop unless he sleeps... and when he sleeps, he sleeps hard. The terrific two's. It amazing how this age can make you smile like crazy one minute and require a stiff drink the next... there's a reason I'm getting gray hairs... but man, that reason is cute!

We hit two major milestones this week-- one broke my heart and one is going to break me... the first is the paci: Jack has been a paci baby since the beginning and was rarely without it. He's even a pro at talking with it. But he also sucks on the thing so dang hard that he eventually puts a hole in and then all of a sudden he'll toss is at me and say "I don't like it". It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once the paci get's a hole, it takes away the whole premise of a paci with air flowing in and out, making a whistling sound. Jack despises this. Well a couple days ago, they all got holes on the same day- like all 5 in his basket. It was nuts. I kept popping them in my mouth when he'd toss them at me and sure enough, it was broken. It ususally happened about once every 2 weeks, which means I'd buy a new pack or two every month, no big deal. But when they all fell apart on the same day, a day when our new baby wasn't even 2 weeks old and when the mama wasn't prepared to leave the house for any reason, we found ourselves at nap time with no paci. I expected gnashing of teeth, screaming and thrashing about, but he just laid down and slept. Certainly it was a mistake- he was a baby, my baby, for pete's sake... and he needed a paci, but then we found ourselves at bedtime without a paci and again, laid down and slept like an angel. It was no mistake- my baby was getting big and everyone was excited but me! If you ask Jack what happened to his paci he'll say "Paci broken, paci in trash, bummer!" It's adorable! If things get rough, he'll mention it briefly and we'll discuss what happened and then he's fine again. But just fyi, I'm still not fine. I wasn't prepared for this milestone!

The second is the potty- Jack is so ready- he tells you when he has "things" in his pants and needs changed, he knows all about the potty and flushing, he join me and Max in the bathroom ALL the time, and I just need to start the process. The other night, because Chad doesn't obsess with plans and methods and dates, he asked Jack if he needed to go potty, Jack said yes, Chad put him on the potty, AND just like that the child peed in it. There was no book. No discussion. Just pottying. And this is going to break me-- mainly because I despise potty training. Give me any other obstacle in parenting small people and I'll embrace it, but potty training, please NO! It's messy, obviously, it's a hassle, yes, but that isn't what gets me... what gets me is the loss of control. I know I'll find myself in impossible predicaments, hoisting myself and 4 boys into nasty public bathrooms, scurrying off the road, and running across the house at just the mention of peeing. I understand the argument of buying less diapers, but you see, with the diaper, I get to decide when he gets changed-- it's all on my time table, said the control freak. But alas, as soon as baby Sam settles a little more into life on the outside, we'll tackle potty training with Jack... and I'll fight it every step of the way.

For Jack's birthday today, my mom and Uncle Eli came over and while we had big plans to check out a new aquatic center, it was actually closed, so we found ourselves at CatchAir with 4 sweaty little boys... Gabe, Max, and Jack because they ran around and played like crazy people, and baby Sam because he's a hot natured little thing! Uncle Eli played the whole time and me and my mom watched and chatted and took pictures... I think we got the better end of the deal, but don't tell Uncle E! But I guess that's what happens when you give yourself the nickname of Fun Uncle Eli: "Funcleli". My brother Sam is coming in town this weekend to meet baby Sam and to celebrate Jack some more... but Jack is certainly up for as much cake/ cupcakes/ ice cream/ popsicles as is necessitated by many celebrations. (Btw, Jack did insist on a popsicle this morning for breakfast, and we couldn't resist such an adorable birthday boy's wish!)

When you ask Jack how old he is, this is how he does "2"!

Little Jack man, you are such a joy and we love you more and more each day. Thank you for filling our home with noise and love and laughter-- you bless us and we are proud to be your parents! Your Daddy is wrapped around your finger and Gabe and Max don't fare much better! Of course I'm putty when you say things like "Mommy, I need you!" and I miss my little shadow if you run off for too long! You are an incredible big brother to baby Sam- you took to it right away and beg to "hold it" all the time! And if you can't hold "it" you are kissing his head and feet incessantly. That is you, my boy- an incredible asset to our family and a marvelous display of God's brilliance! Love you so much-- there are no words!

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