Monday, February 18, 2013

The Ways of J

**This post didn't get posted when I wrote it because it said something about costing to post pictures or something and it was almost Christmas and I barely had time to brush my teeth, so finding out what was going on didn't make it onto my to-do list. BUT this was the beginning of Jack really busting into his full self... you know 100% trouble, 100% wildman, 100% adorable, and 100% sweet. I do understand that that math doesn't add up, but I'm serious, the child is all of those all the time. Or else he's sleeping.

This morning was Jack's 18 months appointment... you can tell 2nd child syndrome is setting in because I always took Max within a day or two of his exact month day and Jack, well, we're barely squeaking in before he hits 19 months. Poor #3... he/ she's going to be lucky to get there within the right year!

Anyway, I'll follow with an all things Jack update and his stats here soon, but I must share a story... mainly to ensure I laugh instead of hanging him upside down by his toenails. While at the appointment, the doc asked if I was concerned about anything having to do with Jack's behavior and I just chuckled and said I was more concerned about my sanity because he's into everything all the time, has octopus arms, climbs anything and everything, has no fear, and generally makes messes 24/7 even when I think I've removed all possibilities or that I have my eye on him. The doctor laughed-- he has many children of his own-- and I think I even saw a smirk on his face as he compared my Jack to his Jake.

So after the doc, we ran a few quick errands, dropped some things off for Chad at his job, and then came home. The general game plan was to get the boys outside so I could work on my bible study for about 30 minutes, eat lunch, and then naps. We got everything out of the car, I got the boys into their coats and hats, sent them out on merry way, and ran upstairs to get my bible stuff. Then I heard "I have to go poopy." Which means Max was inside. Which means Jack would be inside in 3, 2, 1...  bingo.

I picked up a few things, making use of my time until I heard the dreaded words "I'm dooooone" which would be my signal to head up stairs and clean a booty. Jack noticed I was semi-occupied and began pulling ornaments off the tree which is a no-no that leads to discipline and then a huge fit. I was certain that would take up enough time for me to take care of Max and ran up the stairs into the bathroom. I was in the bathroom with Jack out of sight for merely a few seconds... just long enough for me to wipe, help the boy step into his undies and pants, when Jack came into the bathroom with this in his mouth:

That is an empty bottle of brand new toner that I had just won last night at a Christmas cooking thing I went to with my mom. It was part of a kit that was fancy and all natural and smelled delicious-- the bottles were sealed, it was al wrapped in tissue and in a pretty gift back on the bench by our front door. Initially I felt fear-- my baby drank a bottle of toner-- then I noticed he was dry. Asking Jack to not make a mess is like asking him not to breathe, so I knew there was no way that he drank something without wearing it.

So I ran down the stairs to find this:

In less than I minute, he had ripped into the bag, dumped out the contents, gotten his hands on the toner, broke the seal and got the lid off (I found the lid with busted seal under the bench), and poured the entire bottle out all over the floor... and right onto our Christmas tree skirt.

Our floors are now refreshed and rejuvenated-- smelling quite lovely-- meanwhile the dark circles on my face and the gray hairs on my head are increasing by the hour. Ohhhh, the way of J. Look at this angel face (eating the nativity)... but don't let it fool you!

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