Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Baby

You make me really sick first thing in the morning and right before I fall asleep but let me be during the day-- for that I thank you!!

But you've totally ruined my hair- its so dry and nasty I can't even run my hands through it, when normally I have very soft, healthy hair with very little effort. I'm not so thankful for that....

You've increased my joy and excitement surrounding all babies- who knew that was possible! And oh I'm in love with you!

But you've really given me quite the sniffer but unfortunately I live with stinky boys. It's THE worst! Not loving that.... Or the zitty chin of a 13 year old.

On the other hand, I'm sleeping pretty well as long as I'm eating well (well except for the potty break) and then usually a power nap during the day-- thank you!!

And lastly, you have made me a hot mess. I cry daily. Over nothing. For no reason. So far, I've cried because I'm fat, because Jack got his haircut, because of a commercial, looking at babies, reading Facebook, looking at Max's baby picture, because I wanted to talked to your Dad but he didn't answer, and because the day ended with a "y". I'm so emotional, I just hope your Daddy, our family, and my friends still love me after your birth!

You are sure making me wonky, little bean-- changing every normal I've know-- but I'm loving the adventure and I'm proud to have you in my womb... For better and for worse :)

Mommy Dearest

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