Friday, February 15, 2013

Double Digits

Valentine's Day doesn't really get the place in our lives that Hallmark would like it to get. That's because Chad is the most loving and romantic man ever and he's always sending me flowers and chocolates, leaving me cards, and taking me on fancy dates. Oh wait, that's not it....

No, actually, Hallmark is rather sad that we don't particularly participate, but that's because we're busy celebrating a birthday and this year, it was a big one... Gabe busted in to double digits on Valentine's Day! So naturally, we started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. This made everyone's day, and I especially loved that the donuts were heart shaped.

I love that Max is copying Gabe and flicking us all off in the process, ha!
At the end of the day, we did dinner with Gabe's close family-- us, his mommy and Kimbrel, Granny and Papaw, and Grandma Bernice, his great grandmother who is just a gem. When I was talking with Gabe about where he wanted to eat for his birthday, he suggested Steak n' Shake. Umm....?!?!? So I gingerly pushed for something a little nicer. Next, he suggest Chipotle. You know, a little bit slower than fast food mexican. So I pushed again, explaining that it was his birthday and he should pick something he really loved, where we could all sit together at a table. He decided that it had to be mexican... which led us all to 7 Tequilas in Woodstock, GA to celebrate. Hilarious. The kid is easy, what can I say?

His celebrations will continue all weekend, with a Monster Truck Rally with his Mom and some friends, a family birthday dinner on Sunday with the Noblitts, and then a fun friend outing next weekend that involves cosmic roller skating... this totally speaks Gabe's language!

Gabe is a special young man, on the cusp of manhood. He's at the age where he bounces back and forth between the two... we all did it, you know where you want to be treated like a little kid but have the freedom of a big kid. The child eats more than Chad and pregnant me at every meal. I'm serious. And he's a great eater-- I'm pretty stern on protein and veggies and he'll eat it right up. I got him several new pairs of jeans for Christmas and they're borderline too short already. His long skinny feet have by-passed mine already and his hands are close. His skin is still baby soft and his bright blue eyes shine just like that did when he was a tiny tot. His curls are getting tighter and he's proud of them, which is awesome, but like most 9/10 year old boys, he prefers to spend about 17 seconds in front of a mirror, total, each day, so we're having to keep the curls cut shorter until he's ready for the full deal... that's a lot of hair and a lot of responsibility, people!

He's adjusting well to homeschool and recently told us that he wants to do it next year as well. Of course, I've never stopped bragging about his ability as a big brother-- he knocks that duty out of the park, and his brain is something as well! His best subject is math- he loves it, and he's an avid little reader if you set aside time for it. His imagination runs wild and he is REALLY into Ninjago and the lego sets right now. He's a great picker upper and likes things in it's place, which is nice. And of course, he has soccer in the blood, so we're weeks away from starting his spring season. 

You are an incredible man and I love how the Lord is shaping you. I know my expectations are high for you, but I'm going to be honest and let you know that isn't going to change... but that's because I believe in you and I want the absolute best for you. My prayer is that God will stay at the center of who you are and draw you closer to Himself with each passing day. You are a blessing to us and we thank God for you! Happy 10th Birthday buddy-- so glad we all got to celebrate you! You are SO loved!

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