Saturday, February 16, 2013

The New House

As I mentioned earlier this month, we recently moved into a new house. Now it's been quite a feat just to keep people fed and clean while slowly and surely unpacking and organizing. The last time I moved, I didn't have kids which means 1 of 2 things-- for of all, I got to work and pack and unpack distraction- free-- I could unpack until the wee hours, sleep until I was rested and get up and start again. This time, oh no no no no no! I have to keep normal hours AND work steadily so as not to go into pre-term labor. Secondly, after having kids, your amount of stuff quadruples for each child you have-- our rate of increase has been dramatic!

But alas, it's time for some pictures to display our new digs... there are still lots of piles and there aren't any adorable pictures of my cute men on the walls, but maybe by 2014 :)

Here's a little tour to give our out of town family and friends a peek:

Here is the baby room- it's Jack's for now and once the baby sleeps through the night and is moved out of our room, it will be the baby's and Jack will move in with Max. It already has curtains but my handy man hasn't gotten to this yet....

Max's room is huge with a HUGE closet. Oh how this makes me so happy :) The boys share a closet, there is a dresser in his closet, and there's still lots of room. He's still in need of a head board- I found a cute baseball one-- his room is obviously sports themed. AND his dresser I got for $45... and painted it and added those knobs... I LOVE IT! (Oh and by "I" painted it, clearly I mean Chad did.) And in the bottom right hand corner, there is still tons of room for Jack's future crib and there will still be floor space. Oh happy day!

This is Max and Jack's bathroom and the one visitors use... which means we don't let them brush their teeth in there, ha!

Next is the master bath... as you may remember from before, our last bath was so tiny that we literally couldn't both fit in it.... now our whole family can have a party in there :)

Chad re-did all the bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets, as well as painted the whole house. The cabinets were all good solid fine and dandy pine but now with his hard work they look brand new and fancy fresh. So fun to feel like you got a brand new kitchen, but without the big money!

Here's the kitchen...

Here is our living room with no knick knacks... mainly because I'm knick knacked out, and not books on the shelf or anything fun or Bowman-ish, but you can see the direction it will head eventually....

And here's Gabe's bathroom:

Also, a delightful thing... a HUGE playroom, with plenty of play space plus even more play space... we clean up every other day or so, and it's amazing because I don't have toys stored in my living room anymore, wahoo... I'm a big girl now!

Lastly, we have the craft room (aka heavenly) that also doubles as the perfect laundry folding space which you'll see in the pictures... it's also our school room as well-- right now Gabe prefers his desk in his room, but this is hear as he needs it, along with all the boys craft stuff, my craft stuff, and even a gift wrap station... ohhh la la!

And it has this little secret storage closet... the only downside is that I haven't had any time to organize it and make it my happy place, for now it's the catch all, but what woman wouldn't die for this closet??

As I mentioned, it's all a work in progress... there are piles that have to find a home, boxes that need unpacked, and of course lots of pictures need to be hung on the bare walls. I also didn't include any pictures of the master bedroom because the bed isn't made and I'm about to go crawl in it.... or Gabe's room because his bed frame is still in storage at my parents from when we outgrew our other house about a year ago... it will be retrieved by the end of the month, for now, the boy has a mattress on the floor... but he told me this make bed making a lot easier :) And lastly, I didn't include any of our garages... not the big double one that fits my mini van and Chad's big ole truck along with storage shelves and we can fully open our doors and not come close the the walls and big pregnant ladies can walk all around it while carrying babies and such... and then another full garage with a second driveway off the other side of the house that is organized with all Chad's tools and work stuff, all his fishing and man hobby stuff, all the bikes and swim/ beach stuff, with room to spare. 

If you can't tell, there are many things to love about this house but the thing that pushed me right on over the edge is the storage... it's unreal :) Thank you Tracy for making this home ours-- the Bowmans love it and are so grateful for you!

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