Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Mom's Away....

I headed out tonight for girls’ night with my favorite Porton Posse ladies—it is a night I SO look forward to every single month! Although I do love a batch of queso and margarita, more than anything I love the relationships in that group so each month I count down-- literally.

Well, when you’re a mom, there’s a lot more to “girls night” than just girls night—you have to think through an easy dinner option, I’m a nut and always write out bath and bed notes for my hubby who has been raising kids longer than I have! And usually there is some sort of angst as I head out the door—whether it’s a boy who is sad I’m leaving, a poor pass off between parents, or just bad timing—but tonight was another story.

Today was just an all around good day- full of fun, good naps, and good attitudes, so when it was time for me to head out, Chad was ready to take over the reigns and all the supplies for dinner and baths and beds were in place. I walked around kissing Chad, then Jack, then Max, then Gabe, shouted my “I love you’s,” got a chorus in return and headed out the door. Just as the door clicked shut I heard “BOYS NIGHT, WAHOOO” and they all got rowdy. Oh be still my heart!

There is NOTHING better than heading out for some “me time” and leaving behind happy people, a great daddy, and boys that wanted to be with him. Pure joy my friends, pure joy! I always have fun, but with a departure like that, it increased my fun by about 4474646262 times.

I was barely to the corner of our road though, when I got a text from Chad sayings “he’s looking for you” and this is what I saw:

My heart caught—proud that he loved me but so sad that I had left him. I contemplated turning around but before I could put two thoughts together, I got another picture. The caption said “over it”.

CRACK ME UP!! I laughed out loud over this… in my minivan… all alone.  

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