Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Jack-man

It's that time of the month again... baby Jack is celebrating yet another month-day...he's 13 months old! I think I'm still cleaning up from his birthday party and still he's growing up on me. Can't a mother have some recovery time?

This month, Jack as changed a lot- he's starting talking more, saying things like "thank you" and "bye" and reacting to words a lot more. He knows "no" and "sit down" and will say "ball" when reaching for a ball. He even "woofed" for my mom when she was telling him what a dog says. His brain is always working, and he will do his tricks sometimes, but NOT all the time-- only if he wants to :)

We've known Jack is a wild man, but this month he has fallen down the stairs into the garage, climbed up/ on/ in things that Max NEVER even thought about, made messes of anything he could get his hands on, and scared the poo out of me at least 17 times. He loves to dive head first off to things, he loves to climb, and a number of times, I have literally only caught him by a strap on his clothes. He bumps things and get boo boos more in one week than Max did his whole second year. We continue to see the difference between the cautious first born and our little rebel. Chad has taken to calling him a "turkey" and really, we should just stick with that and not any of the others words that are typically used to describe people who constantly hurt themselves and cause major blood pressure spikes in those that love them :)

Jack's schedule is still the same, and this month, we've really jumped head first into table food, meaning I rarely feed him baby food-- usually only if we're on the go because it's easier. I've even been ordering a kids meal for him and Max to share when we're at restaurants and that works really well. Jack is still in 12-18 meh clothes with no change coming anytime soon, and has really thinned out from his shoulders to his hips. Lucky for me, his legs are still chunky and he's still go plenty of cheek for kissing! He's also been completely fine about the change from bottles to milk in a cup- and I'm breaking all the rules and doing 2% milk instead of whole milk, because I don't want to buy 2 gallons of organic milk all the time, especially when I never drink milk and Chad rarely drinks milk, and Gabe will take it or leave it-- plus the calories aren't really that different, and Jack is quite the cheese and yogurt eater, so I know his little body is getting everything it needs and more.

Our J-man still isn't walking on his own, but he'll push things like stollers and walk behind them, and he cruses around furniture, doorways, chairs, etc... like it's no thang! He'll also pull up on my legs and then stand free, reaching up for me, when he wants to be held. He has pretty good balance when I hold his fingers so he can walk too, but that only lasts for just a minute before he's trying to break free of my hold because I'm too slow or holding him back-- because, like I said before, he is into everything and always on the go. It's amazing to me that just 8-10 weeks ago, he was my cuddly boy who just loved to be held! He still loves his mama like crazy and stops in for love and hugs often, but then he's off again to explore... and give me heart attacks. He also is 100% at peace if I'm holding him while I'm going about my business-- it's the sitting still while holding him that causes him to leap from my arms and scramble away.

Max and Jack are starting to play together more and I'll gate them in upstairs and then hear giggling from both of them while their making messes and pulling out every toy just for the sake of giving me something to pick up and do. Jack lights up when Daddy comes home and when Gabe comes over- and he's quite fond of my mom now too. He is such a beautiful little boy, in the most manly way of course, and I could just eat him up. He for sure has me wrapped around his finger... and his Daddy too-- but Chad and I are both 3 for 3 in this department-- Lord help us and give us wisdom!

Oh sweet Jack- I just love you to pieces and am so enjoying being your mama that I've never been more grateful to be a stay at home mom than I am right now. You are such a blessing and I am so so thankful that God trusted me and your Daddy with you-- it is a blessing and an honor to be your parents. Your smile still gets me every time and I just canNOT wait until your heart belongs to the Lord-- you're our precious baby boy and we love you so much!

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