Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bedtime Rituals

Let me just recount tonight's bedtime routine as I'm pretty sure that these are the days/ stories that will just tickle me to death when I'm older...

It started around 7pm when I bathed both boys and got them in their pj's. They played for a few more minutes and then I plopped Jack in his bed. After 2 rounds of Jesus Love Me and 1 round of the "uh oh, I dropped my paci" game (when he throws his paci out on the floors and stands at the edge of his crib saying uh oh until I come retrieve it and lay him back down) he was out. It was around this time that I started Max towards the teeth/ potty/ bed part of the evening and he was tucked in by 8pm.

At this point I made cookie dough to eat because I'm on a diet (what?) and got on my computer on the couch while Chad worked on his from the other couch. Around 8:30 Max started crying because he was thirsty... And I found motorcycles in his bed. I got him some water and left it on his dresser on my way back out. Around 9 he started crying so I went back and he was upset that the water was on the dresser and not his bedside table but I had threatened him not to get out of bed again so he laid there upset about it until I came in and moved the water.

A little before 10, Chad and I headed up to our room to head to bed but Max was still jabbering in his room. Of course this meant that Chad had to go in ( he can't resist the kid-- wants to go get him every night about an hour after we lay him down) and upon his arrival, he found Max reading (in the dark!) They chatted for a moment and then Chad came in our room to shower. It wasn't 30 seconds later that we heard Max's door and he was standing in his doorway with his doggy, his buggle, and his aforementioned book. Apparently he needed to tell me about the book.

(I, too, cannot resist said child.) So I caved and brought Max into our bed and turned on the NBA finals game while Chad showered. This consisted of about 10 minutes of toddler cuddling bliss for me. It was grand. Mainly because when Max is allowed to escape his bed, he is Mr. Kissy Pants, full of all kinds of love. (he's rewarding me for my bad behavior.)

While we were snuggled up he assured me that he wasn't tired because he had already closed his eyes and taken a yittle nap. I can assure you that that statement was 100% false and 100% adorable. Around 10:30 I carried him back to his bed, while he giggled and hugged my neck. We said our goodnights (again... I think this was round 7) and I crawled in my bed. For 2 minutes... Then Max's little peanut face peeked out his door to say that he needed to go potty.

At this point, Max took himself potty but I knew he wouldn't be able to get his pj pants untangled by himself so I decided to cut to that chase and get out of my bed before I got anymore comfortable. Which was a good thing, because when I got to the bathroom, I discovered the our little bedtime Houdini really had to go... Which usually means there is so much force behind the #1 that it squirts out of the potty at first... So I walked in and he slyly pointed to his wet stool and the damp rug while pouting slightly. I cleaned up the stool, folded the rug and tossed it towards the laundry and grabbed his pj pants... Only to end up with pee all over my hands... He had overshot the potty so thoroughly that he even hit his pants.

After a change of pj's, a discussion in why his pjs no longer needed to match and that indeed he could sleep with mismatching clothes, one more round of goodnights and I love you's, I crawled into my bed. I looked at Chad and said something about "Ohhh that child, but he's so cute and funny." Do you know what that man said to me? He said, "that's what got you into trouble with me too."

Now that my friends is 100% true. And I'm happy to report that as of 11pm, Max is asleep. Finish line! That only took 3 hours........... :)

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