Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

This year, we did Father's Day in two parts... and to be honest, I think Chad liked being celebrated twice, although the day of was a little more laid back that normal! The Friday before Father's Day, due to some unexpected extra time, and a really busy weekend with an upcoming out of town trip for me and the boys and a mission trip for Chad, we decided to celebrate early. A couple weeks ago, Chad mentioned wanting this certain kind of golf club, I burned it in my brain, and decided that we would take him to the golf store to let him pick it out. Of course, the PGA Superstore is also Max's favorite thing, and it is his and Chad's "thing" so even just going to the store is a big treat and fun for all.

Both Chad and Max tried out clubs and hit balls for over an hour. They both loved it and me and Jack really enjoyed watching them. Chad thought he had picked "the one" only to then decide that the club he wanted wouldn't really replace any of the clubs in his bag, but more just give him another option, and maybe that wasn't necessary-- so he picked out a new golf outfit and hat, and plans to get his clubs re-gripped. I just love what he picked out and I wish he had a reason to wear it like everyday. He's so cute!

Anyway, Max also putted and chipped balls out of the sand, and then we concluded with a trip to Del Taco (YUM!) before heading home for naps. It was seriously just a fun outing, even though little Jack was squealing like only Jack does, just to make sure we gave him ample attention as well.

THEN on actual Father's Day, Gabe arrived home from family vacation with his mom later in the afternoon, so we snatched him for dinner and dessert. And again, as we set around the table at a low key burger place and later at a yogurt place, I was just filled once again with gratefulness for this life, those boys, and their awesome Dad.

When it comes to being a Father, Chad is easily in the top 10 of Dads that ever existed. He may be ding-y from time to time, forgetting my awesome lists or order of events. He doesn't always know what's on our schedule for the weekend and he'll let the boys out in public with outfits and hair-do's that literally make my eyes cross BUT you will not find a more loving, more fun, more involved Dad if you tried. He's quick to love, quick to listen, quick to hug and kiss, quick to play, and always has time for them. As God continues to lead him in living the life he's been called to and loving like Jesus, Chad continues to do that same thing for us here at home. I couldn't be more thankful for the man I married and the father that he is if I tried. I'm constantly thanking the Lord for that blessing.

And speaking of blessings, we both have wonderful fathers who continue to love us, our moms, our siblings, and our kids well-- fathers that served us, sacrificed for us, taught us, provided for us, and continue to "father" us as needed, and for that, we are so thankful!

Happy Father's Day Chad, Dad, and Dale-- you all are the creme de la creme! I am so grateful for you!

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