Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party Time!

The first three weekends of March started spring off with a bang for me and Max. For three Saturdays in a row, we kicked off the weekend at a birthday party- and I'm pretty sure all three of these friends were given to us by God for the long haul, so it looks like this is what March may look like for several years-- a birthday party trifecta!

The first was our friend Roman from church. Him and Max have actually been in the same class for a while, but God crossed my path with his mommy's path at the beginning of this calendar year and I just love her! She has two boys, close like Max and Jack, and then she just had a precious baby girl. What a great combo :)  Roman is the younger brother and turned two in March. His party was a Monkey Joe's and although Max was a little timid because it was a weekend and the bigger kids were out and about as well, Jack was really wanting to have at it. Too bad he can't even crawl! AND Max still talks about the party like every other day- for some reason, it really made an impression in his little mind-- he loved the birthday chair Roman got to sit in and the BIG inflatable Monkey Joe that was as high as the ceiling. Boys :)

Then, the second weekend, just me and Max headed over to Elizabeth Grace's 3rd birthday party-- I really just can't believe that little nugget is THREE! Anna and I talked on the phone almost everyday of her pregnancy, then about halfway through, I joined her and started growing out little man, and Max and Liz have been two peas in a pod since. Especially now that Anna and I both get to be SAHM's and we go to the same gym. If Max hasn't seen Lizzy in about 48 hours, he starts asking me where she is like every 20 minutes. And they really keep each other occupied. As weird as it is, if me or Anna need to get something done, we ask if we can borrow a kid so that they'll play together. Anyway, I digress....

Lizzy's party was a Curious George party complete with monkey finger puppets for "no more monkey's jumping on the bed" peanut butter and banana sandwiches because that's was George would eat, and various other monkey things. The party was a hit, and Max still carries around the party favor: A Barrel of Monkeys game, like he just got it. Oh, that boy! (We also had waffles together after the gym the actual morning of EG's bday-- we're hoping it will become the annual tradition, much like Max's donut tradition.)

And lastly, the final party in March was Reed's second birthday. And again, this was a big one for me, because in my mind, he's "the baby" of our small group-- Max was August, Haven was November, and then Reed rounded out our "three's a charm" in the boy department in March. It's really fun having boys SO close together with mommies that you see so often-- we compare war stories and really just get time to cherish all their sweetness-- not to mention that they are all good buddies and enjoying playing together anytime it's possible!

Well, Reed was a St Patty's day baby, so his very pregnant mother who is seriously amazing, planned a super cute, super yummy, and super fun GREEN birthday party, despite being ready to birthday baby Molly any day! If you want to see everything she put together, go check out her blog: St Patrick's Day Birthday (P.S. Her blog is always full of great ideas, recipes, how to incorporate Jesus into holidays, decor, etc... it's a good one to follow!)

Our crew was there (minus Gabe- he had a soccer game and was with his Mommy and Shawn that weekend) and we rocked our green:

Don't I have cute men in my life??

And seriously, this little is just too much! How could you not love that face?

I snap picture like this all the time... Chad is such an "in action" Daddy- takes the boys places, plays with them, shows them things, wrestling, swinging, golfing and always GIGGLING!

The Three Musketeers: (L) Haven (M) Max (R) Birthday boy Reed
But my favorite line from Max in regards to these parties always came a couple hours before as we were getting ready to head that way. We'd be getting dressed and in typical Max format, he'd ask where we were going. I explain that we were going to so and so's party and where it was going to be and what the theme was and he's say "I'm going to help ______ eat their cake." And then he'd repeat that line at least 20 times as we were en route to make sure I knew where his priorities laid-- and of course, how helpful and kind he was, looking out for his friends like that-- he wouldn't want them to have to eat all that by themselves... always a servant :)

Happy Birthday to our sweet friends and thank you for letting us be apart of your celebrations!

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