Thursday, March 15, 2012

Conversations to Remember

I've mentioned it 1000 times but Max is just so fun and funny right now. His brain is always on and sometimes I can actually see the wheels turning. The normal, day-to-day conversations are completely awesome and hilarious- but they're mundane-- the things you don't remember long-- so I'm going to document one that just happened:

Max and Jack were in the bath tub and Max was playing with a white rubber duckie that had on a scarf and a top hat- it's the Christmas edition. Max pushes it under the water and it makes bubbles and Max says "the duck just pooter tootered!" I tell the duck to say excuse me and then Max brings the duck up on the ledge and says "the duck is looking at you." So naturally I respond with a "Hi duck, I like your red and white scarf". And this puts Max's brain into motion....

Max: Oh he does have a scarf around his neck- like the big dinosaur
Me: The dinosaur at Annie's museum?
Max: Yes, the bigger bigger one.
(Keep in mind that this was in NOVEMBER when Max was at Annie's house and the Dinosaur's at the Children's Museum were dressed for winter/ Christmas)
Max: Remember the big green dinosaur? It's bigger like Gabe and me. And there was a yittle green dinosaur like Jack. (He petted Jack gently while referring to him.) But the other one was bigger like Gabe and me. Are all the boys bigger like me and Gabe?
Me: No, some boys are yittle like Jack.
Max: But Gabe and me are bigger.
(Obviously the child doesn't notice that him and Jack are almost the same size- a mere 21 months apart- while him and Gabe are SEVERAL feet and 7 years apart.... details!)
Me: Of course
Max: Can you get me out? It's whelly (really) not too warm in here.
Me: Ok, I'll wash you
Max: Let's do it! (long pause) Do you wash me because you yove (love) me?
Me: Yes, I sure do love you!
Max: Well I yove you bigger bigger!

The end.

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