Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Months Strong... And Growing!

It's the time again... in the month by month of our sweet Jack Henry. (Well actually, it's passed time, but I'm pretending that it's actually March 21st right now, as I write this...)

Jack is still the same- he's wonderful and perfect and rolly and kissable and happy. His schedule is the same and we have it down to a science. He can miss his first nap or take it in the car or in a stroller, and he's still pretty great. His afternoon naps rock- and they're right in line with Max's and they can even nap in the same room without causing a ruckus. FINALLY. He sits and leans all the way forward and moves around and rolls about and gets on all fours and reaches things he needs, but he will NOT crawl. Not that I mind, because that will majorly change life as I know it, but he's just so funny. I can see him in his video monitor crawling all over his bed, but out in the light, nada. My gut tells me that he's gigging me-- you know the ole "I can't do it myself so you'll have to carry me" move.

He eats like a champ... a funny post on that to follow... and he finally had a tooth pop through TODAY and the next is on the verge. My kids are late teethers in that they're almost as late you can can go and yet still be considered "on time" by the pediatrician. From what I've read, this usually means they're going to have healthy teeth-- lovely! I mentioned last month that I was holding up on the finger foods because Jack still seemed so little to me, but I got over that because he gets so antsy in his high chair. So he eats peas and carrots, corn, small pieces of cheese, cheerios and chex, graham crackers, small bits of bread, small bites of fruit like strawberries and grapes, small bits of turkey, and he LOVES bananas.

And when I say "antsy" in his high chair, I mean his darn banshee scream-- and really, me and Chad are about to be pushed over the edge in this arena. It's so loud and horrific and it's actually blood curdling. It's Jack's means of communication-- he needs more food, or he's ready to get out, or he wants held, or he's been left alone and doesn't approve, etc.... oh my goodness. Someone teach the kids some words already! I tried to go the signing route BUT he realizes how quickly the banshee scream get results so he's not even pretending to participate with me. AND if I put my hand over his mouth and say no screaming, he laughs at me. And guess what, Max thinks this is funny-- not the laughing, but the screeching, so he does it too. Luckily he's old enough to understand and so he gets disciplined for such things, but not before my ears are ringing. Geez Louise-- who is in charge of these kids?? I get so embarrassed when we're in public- we can never be in a store without everyONE there knowing that we are indeed there. Thank you Jack. And I know that Mom of the year just wouldn't react to it, but I'm not her, and I dare you to be around it not react! I even asked his pediatrician, basically begging for him to say it was actually harming him or his vocal cords in some way, but he only laughed and gave one of those "this too shall pass"responses. Great, thanks!

Ok, enough about that, everything else about my baby man is 100% perfection- his legs are still chubby, and his cheeks, well, they're comparable to a chipmunk. His light hair is still growing and thickening and his baby blues are just delectable. When we go places, people stop in awe... until he screams, then they laugh at me :) His common nicknames are "slim" "chubs" "chubba-bubba" and of course, Jay Bay. And to Max, he's "my Jacky-Jack". Jack keeps his eyes on everything, especially Max who can always entertain him. Those two are already bonding more and more- still no aggression or meanness on either parts- and I just can't wait to see them in action in about 6 months to a year. Max is going to be the quiet, reserved one with the ideas and Jack is going to be the little dare devil, quick to try out anything Max suggests. He already dive bombs out of our arms regularly and he loves being thrown in the air and swung around- something Max never enjoyed.

Jack's newest tricks are clapping, playing pat-a-cake, waving, blowing strawberries, and fake coughing, which is his favorite-- I'm not sure why he thinks this is so fun, but anytime he hears anyone coughing, whether someone he knows or a stranger, he'll mock them and then laugh. I think we have an entertainer on our hands, folks!

My days keeps getting better and better as I mother my little loves. Jack, I canNOT get enough of you. I love holding you, even if it is holding you back from crawling. Your hugs and excitement when you see me melts me every time and your sloppy wet kisses are to die for. The quiet moments right before you close your eyes for the day are still my favorite- I love rocking you and feeding you as you doze off- I gaze at you, smell you, and rub that precious hand of yours, thanking my God for every bit of you. You are a great great gift Jack- God did a great work when he knit you together in my womb. Always remember that- and use it for His glory. I love you my precious boy- my baby you'll ALWAYS be!

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