Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Joy

I just finished my 7th load of laundry in one day. Actually, in one day that wasn't supposed to include any laundry at all. Today, we were supposed to drop off papers with our accountant on the Marietta square, then head to the park for playing and a picnic, then home for naps (for everyone!) and then to Step Class. But instead, this day has been all about the stomach bug. Oh joy.

Max woke up around 2am and came to our room- I walked him back to his room, laid with him for about 5 minutes until he fell back asleep then tiptoed back to my bed. About an hour later we repeated this same drill. This isn't the norm for him, but in my sleep fog, I just went through the motions and didn't think twice about it. Around 4am, I made it back to my bed again and I was just settling in when Max started crying, loud! Now this is really really unlike him, sleep fog or not- so I sprinted to his room and his hand was out while he stood on his bed. I grabbed his hand (in the dark) and was met by a handful of chunks. And that's when the smell assaulted me as well. So I scooped up Max and dropped him in the bathroom, went and roused Chad for reinforcements- mainly because the boys share a room so we needed to handle this quick or the whole house would be awake. Somehow Chad can sleep through multiple feedings a night but I only had to whisper "Max puked, I need your help" and he was on his feet, in action. That was impressive.

Since then, I have spent about 12 hours with the sickest little boy- he has kept nothing down, he sat in my lap and puked while I held a big bowl and perfected my catching abilities and he cried. All of these things broke my heart :( His stomach would rumble, his gut would wrench, and again and again and again, he would dry heave. He also managed to make an unbelievable heap of laundry. But now he is sleeping soundly- but not before he sobbed in my arms because of how bad his arms and yegs hurt-- which is from dehydration :( Oh my baby! He doesn't really get things and if he does, it's a cold, and he goes on with life as normal except with snot. But this has knocked him out. He hasn't moved or played or talked. Crazy.

BUT my point is that while all of this was unfolding and I was waiting for my doc to open, I remembered the wonderful Laura Hunter from my church, co-author of The Moms on Call book that I highly recommend to ANY parent. So I sent her a Facebook message really quick and she gave me some info that you might want... Just in case this bug makes its way to your house because word on the street is that this thing is making the rounds....

She said that with this bug, it usually lasts about 12 hours. She said not to give them anything until they have gone an hour without vomiting. This is digestive rest. And then, once it's been an hour, give them a tsp of water, pedialyte, or heavy syrup off of canned peaches every 10 minutes, for 3 hours, while awake. IF they make it to 3 hours, then start giving them 2 tsps every 10 minutes for 3 more hours. If they make that, then you can start with soups, crackers, dry cereal, etc... NO milk for 24 hours.

Now we just wait and see if any others in this household will be struck by the kiss of death for 12 hours.... Wish us luck...... AND I hope you don't need to use any of those pointers above!

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