Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Say What?! Some of Max's Finest

When the sun was shining in the room through the window, making all the little dust specks in the air appears, Max says, "Oh Mom, look at all those frweetos!"(Mosquitos)

When Baby Grant came to play for a couple hours while Jill had a meeting, I changed three poopy diapers in a row- two of Grant's and then one of Jack's. On the last diaper, Max inquired what was in that one. When I told him poopy he said, "Poopy again? That's disgusting!" (Where did he even learn that word???)

While talking about God, and the "Praise God" song we sing (Doxology) I asked Max if he knew why we praised God. He said he didn't know so I used his arms and said It's because God is SO big, SO strong, and SO awesome. After a minute I asked, "Now who is big, strong and awesome?" and Max replied, "Max is!" I said, "NOOOOOO, who is big, strong, and awesome?" He yelled, "I AM, MOM!"

Chad sat on the steps in the garage while holding Jack and gave Max step by step instructions for feeding my brother's dog who lives with us right now. When Max got back in the house, he brushed off his hands and said, "Whew, that was hard work."

Jack was fussing in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting food together. I asked Max to go check on him and then I hollered "What's wrong with our baby, Max?" He came back into the kitchen with a droopy face and said, "It's because he doesn't like me, Mom."

On Sunday, after arriving at Brad and Lisa Weaver's house for dinner, Lisa who was literally 12 hours away from delivering baby (we didn't know that at the time!) scooted into the bathroom for her every 10-minute potty break, and Max looked a me and said "Isa having her baby now?"

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