Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Reason to Celebrate

On Friday, we picked up Gabe and got this:

That's his latest report card. Did you notice that his lowest grade this semester was a 95? A 95! Lowest grade! Needless to say, we were impressed and very proud of his hard work. I never want our kids to be "defined" by their grades BUT I do want them to be very diligent in their studies as if doing everything for the Lord (Colossians 3:23) so we do want to make a HUGE deal when this is accomplished. So that is what we did! We asked Gabe how he wanted to celebrate and he picked dinner out with the family and Chuck E Cheese. (Honestly, he asked to go to Toys R Us first, and we shot that down. The child just got 40 million toys for Christmas, and his bday is next month at which point he'll get 40 million more toys AND he's a little obsessed with "stuff"so we encouraged him to come up with something else that wasn't "stuff" so Chuck E Cheese was choice #2.)

Uncle Eli offered to stay home with baby Jack so that we weren't lugging a baby, worrying about fussiness and bed times, and we got to enjoy our big boys for the night. This was Max's first time to Chuck E Cheese  that he remembers (he visited once when he was 6 months old for Gabe's birthday) and Gabe showed him the ropes. These two had a ball! They went through their 90 tokens in about an hour or so, and racked up enough tickets to pick out several pieces of candy and small toys as prizes. And although Max wasn't really a fan of Chuck E Cheese himself (he's rather scared of people in costumes) he hasn't stopped talking about "when we went to the game store with Gabe". Gabe pretty much mastered most of the games, and was a stud on the virtual jump rope.

And Chad and I just really enjoyed being the parents to some really great boys. We all had fun playing games and celebrating Gabe and his awesome grades. Way to go GTB, we're so proud of you!

(Can you tell they enjoyed the candy on the way home?)

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