Monday, July 11, 2011

Say What?

Because I am printing a copy of my blog each calendar year, for my boys to read and laugh about when they get older, I am adding a new section to my blog:

"Say What?"  And they're going to be quotes and funny things the boys say.  It's not going to be a huge whole blog post, but if I don't do this as they happen, then I can't remember all the funny things they say and do-- but there are things that just shouldn't be forgotten!

For instance, when Gabe was smaller, Chad was teasing him and he said "Daddy, are you joking me up?" And Max loves looking outside for Mudder fags (butterflies) and Chip punks (chip munks) and calls Grandma and Grandpa "Grandpa" despite our corrections.  Also, when Chad gets home from work, he asks if they can go practice at the dribin range-- meaning can they go to the driving range to play golf... he's not even 2!  And Jack always says... just kidding, he's only 7 weeks old, come on!

So for the first entry:  this morning we headed to the doctor because Max has been stuffy and junky and whiny and gooey eyed for several days, come to find out he needed a prescription of amoxicillian, so we stopped at Target to get it filled on the way home.  As we left the store, the person parked in front of me backed out so I was pumped about a pull through opportunity-- it's the little things :)  But as I was driving thru, I hit a HUGE cement median dividing the parking spaces.... oops.  Being prideful and all, I just put it in reverse and acted like nothing happened despite the loud scraping noise and whip lash we all received.  Max started laughing and said "Mommy crashed! Uh oh Mommy."

Thanks for humbling me Max!  And then I giggled all the way home.

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  1. I love it! Be sure and jot down the funny things Chad says too.