Thursday, July 21, 2011

Say What?! The Telephone

I've got a huge secret:  I'm very nosy.  Are you shocked?  No?

Well being nosy has been passed to my son-- the kid is picking up all my  best traits :)

I use my in the car time to catch up on phone calls.  Life at home is pretty busy, and I'm not a huge phone talker anyway, but there are a few of my peeps that I just must keep up with, so that's what I do in the car.  Max, my little chatty cathy, sits in the back, to my right, and comments on what he sees out the window, appearing to be oblivious to the fact that I'm on the phone, but for the past few months, as soon as I hang up, he goes "Daddy?"  As in, were you talking to Daddy?  And if I say no, then he says "Annie" (who is his Granny Annie, my mom.  And if I say no again, then he gives one final guess, waivering between "Anna?" and "Nan-ielle?" (Danielle).  If for some reason it's still a no, he just looks away, like he's over it.  Over me.

Well recently, I must've been throwing him off-- talking to my little brother and my BFFA Ruth, calling and making doctors appointments, etc.... So today, as we drove and I went down the list of my phone calls, every time I hung up, he would skip the guessing and say "Who dat?"  I'd answer him, and he would nod, like he was giving me the ok, and go back to his window watching.

What a little nosy rosy, needing to know who I was talking to!  Crack me up!  Just another reminder that little eyes and ears are tuned in to my every move...


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