Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say What?! Max-ism

I love when Max comes up to me and reaches his arms up and say "my hold you"-- of course he is meaning for me to hold him, but I shall NOT correct him!

He uses "my" in place of "I" all the time, too.  For instance "my draw?" means "can I draw?"

When he's done eating, Max will say "I all done, get you."  No, he isn't wanting to get me... he's wanting me to get him! This is because when he says he's done, I say, "Ok, I'll get you"-- so he's saving me a step, and smashing it all together.  He wants to make sure I know that he is ready to be gotten, but his use of pronouns just tickles me!

Max loves Lollipops... we go through a big bag of dumdums every couple months-- and he calls them B-pops.  Not sure why-- maybe that's how "lolli" sounded when I first said it- or maybe it because everything he loves starts with a b-- but regardless, at our house, we eat B-pops.

Max calls baby wipes "wipe it's" and he loves them.  He's always asking for a "wipe it" and then he'll wipe his whole body, my body- even my feet, his car seat, the couch, anything!  He uses wipe-it's so much, that often his hair looks wet when he's done.

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