Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Fever and Pregnancy

When I started this post, it was all about tums and how they were misnamed and should really be called "lifesavers".  It also went into detail about how Tums were the only consistent part of my day... and it wasn't food related- it was just all the time.  Like if I breathed-- which, naturally, I did! But I had decided that if 26 weeks into pregnancy, that was all I had to complain about, then really, it wasn't a complaint at all.

But somewhere along the way this weekend, some of that changed... first of all- no heartburn for DAYS in a row!  Now I don't know if Jack just stopped flipping around and is causing less of a ruckus or if the good Lord just put the kabash on it all, but regardless I'm grateful-- so very grateful!

But in the midst of wonderful weather, some other things have happened.... first of all, Chad and I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing our garage- it was a wonderful feeling, but I really think I lost my mind and forgot that I was pregnant.  I was crawling around, bending, picking up, lugging, etc... and although I was getting "the look" from protective Chad, I ignored him and kept on- hello, it was organizing-- like I was going to miss that!  BUT by the time the clock ticked 8pm that night, I could NOT walk.  Everything hurt.  And I wanted to cry.  Why yes, I most certainly was pregnant, despite how I felt otherwise!

Then, for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, I was "under weight"- as in, hadn't gained any lbs since we first heard the heartbeat.  This was more annoying to me than anything, because 1) I was eating, a lot- mainly because I always eat a lot. 2)I gained weight the second I got pregnant- water, hormones, something, but several pounds but those didn't count, because I showed up at my first appointment with those pounds, so there was no gain in their book 3) I NEVER lost all my weight from Max and it hung in my middle, which was plenty of room for baby Jack.  SO I had a weight complex- feeling like I wasn't taking care of Jack BUT on the other hand, knowing he had plenty of food and fat to thrive.  BUT don't you worry, I totally fixed that!  Between 20 and 25 weeks, when I had my glucose test, I managed to gain 6 pounds.  Oh yeah, 6 freaking pounds.  I almost fell OFF the scale.  I'm not sure what is worse- being told you weigh too little when you're trying to grow a human or seeing the scale jump like that!  And those pounds are very noticeable.  I look 9 months pregnant!  My clothes are right tight and by the end of the day, I think I waddle.  So far, no swelling, but it's just around the corner, I'm sure of it!  And getting off the floor, while carrying Max (and Jack) just isn't what it used to be-- I look like a 90 year old woman and I groan, too.  Oh joy... 14 more weeks!

And I got a call yesterday that my glucose test was great BUT I'm low in iron- fail!  That can cause learning disabilities and such, so needless to say, me, red meat, and leafy greens will be doing a lot of bonding in the near future.

But alas, while at my 25 week appointment last week, there was another Lauren there, IN LABOR, and it gave me the itch.  I canNOT stinkin wait to have our sweet Jack- I'm ready for it all, labor, the 3 weeks of H-E-L-L that follow birth, and sleepless nights-- I canNOT wait to meet him and hold him and carry him around and love him-- ahhhhhh!!! The countdown is ON!

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