Saturday, March 19, 2011

19 on the 19th

Our little man is 19 months old today-- 19 on the 19th!  This is the pre-version of the special birthday-- I'll celebrate it again when he turns 19 years old, but I can't think about that right now!  We had a wonderful day of 90's music weekend on the radio, our friend Reed's first birthday party that was so fun, incredible weather, play time at the park with Daddy and Gabe, and then dinner with the Prusa's- this is one I'd like to repeat :)

SO Max, my most favorite 19 month old:

We're still in between 1 and 2 naps a day, your eating schedule looks the same... although Annie and Pops taught you to value cookies while you visited them, and you're very vocal about your need for one... every hour or so.  You did graduate to a size 5 shoes, hallelujah, but the rest of you is about the same... although you're rounder.  I'm sure the cookies have helped with this, but this is also how you roll- literally- just days before you grow like a weed and in turn, make all of your pants too short.

Your biggest change- your talking.  Like non-stop, in sentences, you pick up on everything and notice everything and learn wayyy too much for me to keep up with, DAILY!  On Friday you told us the coffee was hot- who even told you about coffee?  You also ask questions all the time- usually about Daddy or Gabe- Where's Gabe?  What Daddy doing? Where Daddy go?  And if it's possible, I think you're more in awe of Gabe now than you've ever been before.  And Gabe doesn't mind at all :)

[caption id="attachment_1411" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Waiting for Gabe to get off the bus"][/caption]

Someone also taught you the words mine and my... this is proving rough for your friends... especially in light of any sort of ball.  Because they're all yours.  Even when they're not! And the sleepier you are, the more yours they are.  I know I can't really teach you how to "share" quite yet, but you must learn that snatching is NOT ok-- and I know your little brain gets it, because when you get ready to snatch, you glance in my direction to see if I'm watching... and here's the thing, I'm ALWAYS watching.  Learn that now.  It's a mom thing- we know, we see, you can't escape it.

You also love lovins now-- oh just melt my heart.  We give bear hugs and make grunts for how hard we're hugging, you  love kisses and tell me where you want to be kissed: "kiss nose, kiss thumb, kiss otder thumb, kiss cheek"-- and let's just make this clear as well-- as long as you're asking for kisses, I'm kissing!  If you're really really busy and I ask for a hug, you'll give me a very slight lean in my direction- as if to say "that'll have to do for now Mom-- I love you, but we'll have to snuggle more later."

The weather has been incredible- and so we spend all day outside.  You're already getting little tan lines :)  And of course all you do it play ball.  You wake up saying "shoot basketball" and you go to sleep saying "hit baseball".  You're in love.  With sports.  And you even have athlete's foot to prove it.  You also like to pretend to fall down all the time-- you've made several people nervous- they've even questioned what was in your cup- but as soon as you get you're laugh, you're good to go.  You love when Gabe "falls down" too-- it makes you cackle.

I wasn't sure it was possible- but in the last month, you've stolen my heart even more.  You're incredible- your brain, your face, your personality, your love-- ahhhhh, I just can't get enough!  You've finally started saying "amen" after we pray-- now I'm just counting down until the day you say amen after asking Jesus into your heart!  Every second I get with you brings me joy- especially when I get to hold your chunky baby hand and feel your indented knuckles.  And even when you wake me up, I still enjoy my time with you. I am blessed beyond words to be your mommy and my love for you is so deep, that you're not going to find the bottom of it.  But I want to remind you that God's love it better than mine- it's deeper, which I can't even fathom, and it's perfect.  Cling to that- live that.  Thanks for being my little man.  You rock!

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