Tuesday, July 23, 2013

House Guests

Chad's brother, his wife, and their two teenagers arrived at our house last Sunday night and stayed until yesterday. And you know what they say about house guests...
Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. -Benjamin Franklin 
Well in this case, that was completely NOT true. Which really, to have that many people in our house- half big grown people and half little high maintenance people, is more than amazing. Now if you've ever been a house guest of ours, don't take this personally, but they are my favorite house guests I've ever had! Let me explain:

First of all, it doubled the amount of capable people in the house who love our boys. And it also doubled the entertainment. My boys always had a playmate and I always had help. Like I was left standing wondering what to do with my hands multiple times. That never happens to me. My arms are always full of babies, their stuff, their clothes, their food, their bags, and countless other items. I didn't push a stroller, clean the kitchen, load 47 children into the car, or have to pitch a baseball once all week. Technically it was their vacation, but I'm certain I got the better end of the deal! My kitchen was always cleared and cleaned after meals and I was never involved in the process, I had help with laundry, they helped clean up the playroom multiple times, and they even provided us with lots of donuts... my love language :)

We went to the food trucks for dinner, we had a day at the big aquatic center, we went to the grand opening of the new outlet mall, we spent the day at Stone Mountain, shopped downtown, there was LOTS of baseball and comics and beyblades, and we ate a lot! Guess that's what happens when you have a family consisting of mostly boys! Chad and Jeff fished a couple times, Zach went on the hunt of skate parks but never really found any that were open, Carrie got to see an old friend at Fort Gordon in Augusta and we even played at the kid park some. The only thing we (I!) forgot to do was to take pictures of all this as it happened, bummer!

We truly had such a great visit and all of my boys are convinced that the other Bowmans should move to Georgia. I explained that their jobs were in Texas to which Max decided that Uncle Jeff could certainly drive a police car in Georgia and that we had lots of cakes for Aunt Carrie... the simplicity of little minds :) We finally reached some peace when Gabe explained that they had to go back to Texas to see Grandma and Grandpa and Max and Jack decided that they'd be ok with that if necessary. 

Thanks for the visit Bowmans, we miss y'all already!

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